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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

No Worries

Recently, in the wake of the all the catastrophic disasters like the recently mudslides in California and the devastating death tolls of the Tsunami, I've come to realize that my everyday worries seem so miniscule compared to everything else that has been happening.

This first came into perspective about a month ago when my friend Pam Kunjara sent me a Christmas poem. Pam's fiance Paul is stationed in Iraq and she spent the holidays without him. The poem was about a lonely man, someone who was spending the holidays alone. This is what the poem initially seemed to be about. However, as you read the end of the poem, you came to realize that the poem was about a soldier, fighting in a war. This is why the man was alone, he was asleep in his barracks, resting, waiting for the next call. But the soldier emphasized that he had chosen this life of solitude, so that others would be safe. A beautiful piece of poetry. I'll try to get it and maybe post it here.

I realized that I could worry because our soldiers are fighting for my right to worry about the little things---what to wear, what to eat, which movie to watch. These soldiers were giving their lives so that I could live safely, continue to live in world of freedom.

And with all this going on in the world--the war, the disasters and storms, I should count myself lucky that my only worries are--what to wear, what to eat and what review book I'm going to tackle next.

Say a prayer for all those less unfortunate. Have a good day!


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