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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Top Worst Songs Ever

Today on VH-1, they had the Top Worse 40 Songs. When I hopped on the treadmill and flipped to that channel, hoping for some music to walk along to, the show was already down to the last top five. The commentary was amazing. The songs were:
#5 Eye of The Tiger by Survivor---most of the commentary was about wanting to punch someting to the beat of the song.
#4 Physical by Oliva Newton-John
#3 That's What Friends Are For--by Dionne Warwick and Friends
#2 Ice, Ice, Baby by Vanilla Ice
#1 Macarena--one commentator said that Macarena is Spanish for "What me get a bunch of fat Americans to do this song". How rude! Even uncoordinated Filipinos did that dance!!!!

They also had a top 3 worse Phil Collins videos. The worse duet was "Separate Lives". Funny stuff and kept my mind off how fast or how long I was on that treadmill. You know it just doesn't compare to being outside and exercising. At least the wind in your hair, protective barking dogs as you pass by the neighbor's yard, and passing other fellow joggers. I think that's why I dread the treadmill, but looked forward to a daily sprint. It's too cold out today to be outside.

Anyway, I just thought I would write about these top five worse songs, as VH-1 sees it. I kinda agree. I mean after all if you really listen to the lyrics of the songs, some of them don't make sense. The commentators were right, the chick Macarena was a sleeze. They said that Vanilla Ice didn't rap like someone who came from the streets. The sentiments in "That's What Friends Are For" were more cheesy than U.S.A for Africa. But if you think about it, everyone knows half the lyrics to all those songs. Let's face it, maybe we are the cheese and the moon isn't the planet made of it.


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