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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Snow Mush

I know, I know, I haven't written for a very long time. No excuses, I've just had nothing to write about. When your life is blah, you don't want to blah blah blah everyone else's life. I've even tried watching the news so that I would have something to comment about, but alas I don't even have comments on the nasty wardrobe some of those anchor people are trying to pull off.

I was going to write something about Prince Harry wearing that Nazi thing on his shirt, but then I thought, why add to his publicity. Don't most teenagers do things to get noticed or for some sort of shock value. After all he was going to a costume party. His costume was not appropriate by any means by the way, but it probably had nothing to do with his political convictions. I've dressed up as demon before--horns, cape, and red pitch fork--but I'm still a law abiding anal retentive Roman Catholic.

I was also going to comment on this anchorman's poor interview with Tim McGraw. I think it was on MSNBC. Anyway, they were doing a piece on how "Friday Night Lights" was being released on DVD. His question was "Were you suprised that you were such a hit". Meaning, "No one thought you could act, but you could. How'd you do it?". Really sometimes some of those questions sound innocent enough, but are really insults.

I think this is why Saritha told me to stop watching the news. It isn't really informative after all. Maybe that's why I haven't had an opinion in a long time.

Okay, Happy Birthday to my medical school colleague Lowell. He's all the way in the Philippines. Happy Birthday though!
Everyone else on the east coast, enjoy all the cold fronts rushing through! Hopefully my friend Lilly will be able to take her flight to go back to school and straighten things out. She'll be flying out of New York! Have a safe trip!


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