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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Sun Has Come Out

Yehey! The sun is out today. Nice sight since I haven't seen it for a little bit. Hopefully the weather will stay this way so that my cousin Irene Matigga and her children can come in for the weekend. Irene has to come, we already bought her a ticket for the showing of Miss Saigon at the Clay Center. If she doesn't come, we've gotta find someone to watch it with us. We have our second runner-up choices, but Irene is our first. Besides you can't find a better dessert partner than Irene.

I'm not sure if I talked about the movie "White Noise" yet. My brain is complete scramble cause of all the studying I'm doing. This movie isn't jump out of your seat scary. But for the second time, I slept with the lights on, all cause of the idea behind this movie. You know being able to speak to the dead thru electric static. My overactive imagination once again! Why do I do this to myself. And why do things like this scare me like that? None of my other friends were that frightened by it. They were more intrigued by the concept. I however am completely freaked out by the idea that dead people's voices can be hear in the static of television and radio. So I'm sure the next time I'm driving in the car and I start to lose radio signal--off it goes. Or at least I'll pop in a CD.

Let's say a prayer for the marines that died in that helicopter crash, for the people injured in the Glendale, California train derailment and also for the Tsunami victims.


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