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Friday, February 04, 2005

Charity Starts At Home

Yesterday, one of the news "blips" at the bottom of the screen stated that The Dave Matthews Band donated their earnings from a previous concert to various children's charities in the San Francisco area. I am so proud of that, that I'm going to listen to their band more often now.

I feel that although we as a country do need to donate to causes outside the U.S., we must not forget that we also have our own hungry, our own "disasters" and our own needy. It may be hard to see behind such a prosperous backdrop. Although I grew up in the upper-class, it was in West Virginia. The poverty that some people had to endure is more apparent in the rural areas. So even with the advantage and luxury of not having to experience it, it could still be seen.

It sometimes makes me wonder, when our country donates so much money to relieve other countries. I'm not saying that we shoudn't. I agree we should share the wealth, but we must also bear in mind that we have our own to take care of as well.

Let's fix the backyard, before we climb over the fence.


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