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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Those Conversation Lulls

My buddy invited me out to dinner the other night along with a couple other people. I got there early because I am very anal about punctuality. I don't care whether or not my socks match or whether or not my shirt is ironed, but I do care about being on time. I do care about the smell of my breath and I do shower twice a day (cause I do care about the way I smell).I wear cologne, the kind you have to get from a hot chick behind the counter, but not the fruity smelling cologne. I like my cologne to smell a little bit musky. It makes me feel more manly, having chicken legs for arms certainly does nothing for my ego.

Anyway, way off track, I got the restaurant about the same time some of his friends did. I hate when the only thing I have in common with people is a common friend. So I sat with the husband and wife team that I have had the pleasure of meeting a couple times. They are kind of boring and the first thing they talked about when I sat down was their children (and they always show me pictures). After our initial salutations, the wife reached for her purse. I thought great pictures of the kids. I wouldn't mind so much if I actually liked this couple, but I don't. They are the type that if they could put up a projector, we'd have a slide show.

I guess I appeared bored because after awhile, and after they had gone through their photo album, the husband says "This month went by so fast huh"? Why do people say things like that to keep the conversation going? Things like "Funny weather we are having right?".

At the end of the night, the wife handed me this small envelope with an invitation. It seems like little Charlie is going to be six.

P.S. I'm glad I can be the meeting place for Cher and Shife.


  • I don't get why adults invite other adults to a child's birthday party. The only adults there should be parents of the children and some hapless loser dressed up as a clown or current popular superhero (I guess that's Spiderman right now or something).

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:27 AM  

  • I never talk about my kids unless I think there's actually something interesting/funny to tell. I don't even carry pictures of my kids actually. They'd just get all wrinkled up in my wallet or something anyway. Ah well. So are you going to the party? ;)

    By Blogger The Duck, at 12:31 PM  

  • A couple you hardly know invited you to their 6yr olds birthday party?

    By Blogger AaroN, at 2:32 PM  

  • Hehehehe! I can just picture you with this couple. If I was there, we'd crack up:) Oh geez I say stupid things all the time like "Boy this month is almost over!" or "Wow it's really cold out there!" Duh. Gotta break this habit. I use them to start conversations!

    By Blogger The Egg, at 3:08 PM  

  • Let me smell you, I love musk.
    I use to have chicken legs...until I got addicted to the leg press at the gym. Now I have great legs and I built an ass.

    Boring people make my eyes glaze over.....

    Wouldn't it be great if you could just lose that polite filer for one night and say...

    "do you guys know how frigging boring you really are"?....

    not nice , I know

    but real

    By Blogger TK Kerouac, at 11:15 PM  

  • I think I'd have more fun with Charlie than with his stick up the butt parents.

    By Blogger Chick, at 12:34 AM  

  • Wait until Cher and Shife start showing you their kid pictures.

    By Blogger Travis Erwin, at 12:48 PM  

  • Watch out Angel we are like a virus. Next time just start drinking heavily that should make things interesting or just pretend you have Tourette's.

    By Blogger Mr. Shife, at 9:47 PM  

  • Are you serious, they brought a photo album?

    By Blogger Rocketstar, at 10:33 PM  

  • I totally understand what you are saying. I did a post once on the small talk in an elevator. Sort of reminds me of that!
    Have a great weekend Angel!
    Lee Ann

    By Blogger Lee Ann, at 4:15 PM  

  • Small talk blows. It's like the typical wedding: People are afraid of silence ... but also afraid to really open up and discuss real issues with strangers.

    I always try to push folks to the latter--it may be a bit outside their comfort zone, but it's a hell of a lot more enjoyable for me than the former!

    -- david

    By Blogger David Amulet, at 4:33 PM  

  • I hope I don't become a boring married person. I imagine people will want to look at pictures of my kids.

    By Blogger Big Ben, at 1:44 PM  

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