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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Current Events

After reviewing my knowledge about current events, I decided to start watching "Fox and Friends" in the morning, while doing my hour of treadmill. Yesterday while surfing the net, I was more interested in the "odd" news findings. News like one man's insurance policy for his chest hair. I actually clicked on the news story and read--can you believe it. I would place the site here, but since I'm technologically impaired, unlike my friend Mondeep, I can't give you the magic carpet ride to the site. But I'm sure if you place a search for chest hair+insurance policy, you will find it. Other news that I clicked on and read were about the Aussie McDonald's outrage against the "Super Size Me" film. One little interesting news bit--a man actually knocked over a little boy in the Texas Rangers game to retrieve a foul ball. He pushed a four-year-old child (I think his name was Matt and the little boy is Nick O'Brien). You see, news like this I read. I should be reading something more interesting or at least something that will help me play Jeopardy.

This morning was my first trial run. I hopped onto the treadmill and turned on "Fox and Friends". I felt better. The focus was on the war. And I was horrified to find that an American citizen was being held captive and his captors threatened to kill him if other prisoners of war weren't released. It must be agonizing for his family to watch. Has it really come to this? A life for a life? A cat and mouse sort of game. It's pathetic that these people can so readily kill a person, so easily diminish the value of life. The whole thing makes me sick--their suicidal bombings and selfish acts of terrorism. What satisfaction will they get or what kind of power are they gaining by committing such brutal tactics. Nothing!

So maybe this might be why I don't tune into "real" news. It's terrifying. But I think that I need to see this, to see what I will hope to never become. And to also realize how fortunate I am.

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