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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

So Much Time, So Little To Do

Have you ever noticed that when you have lots of time, you don't have anything to do? But you have lots to do, you don't have any time?
Right now, I'm crunched for time. I take my Step Two USMLE on July 15th. As of today, I've got one month. The exact same amount of days that I spent in Kaplan, preparing for this exam. By the way, kudos to Kaplan for teaching me more in one month than I learned before. I now understand concepts which once baffled me or were just memorized concepts. This seems like a pretty good amount of time to prepare. However, little things keep coming my room, a grocery list, a shower. You name it, it's there on my to do list.
I wish I could isolate myself from the world, become self-sufficient--meaning I don't have to eat or sleep, talk to people or do anything but study. But I can't. The human body needs sleep, nutrition and rest. I'm also a pretty social being who needs a little bit of contact with other people (Gosh I miss Saritha). I'm doing a pretty good job of isolation. I mean I have managed not to answer my cell phone, unless it's a fellow med student--then I can talk to then, cause they would understand my mood swings, temperament and cutting the conversation short. It's almost as if, any sort of intrusion is an unwanted "solicitated" phone call. A painful moan erupts from your diaphragm when you have to deal with these interuptions. I just now got a phone call--caller i.d.="unknown". It was a Donald from the Publisher's Service. Before he could explain, I hung up. Pissed me off. The only reason I answered was because sometimes Saritha uses phone cards and that's the way it appears.
Anyhow, I'm slowly assimilating myself into an oblivion. So if I don't answer a phone call or if I'm not seen in public until September, I'll be reading Goljan's review book or doing questions from Conrad Fischer's Internal Medicine Question Book (which by the way is a really good book to learn from as well as test your knowledge about medicine in general). My favorite however is the Prescription for the Boards. It's short, sweet and to the point. Not a lot of bullocks about it.
Until another thought pops into my head!


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