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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Grocery Shopping

I went and did my groceries the other day. And since I'm limiting my carb intake, there really wasn't much I could buy. I mean there is the meat department. I'm not a caveman though and really meat isn't something that I crave. So aside from the mandatory turkey bacon and turkey slices, there wasn't much in the way of that department.

I wandered down one diet aisle. I got a six pack (actually a four pack) of SlimFast muck, with only 2 carbs per serving. You see I have to go back on this diet because I fell off it while at Kaplan. Once I started munching on carbs I became ravenous and just ate all kinds of these things--chips, fries, pizza, Cadbury Eggs (these things are the bomb--I think I ate like two a day), ice cream. Meanwhile my study buddies Omar, Roshni and Saint said nothing to me about my ever expanding chin. They just fed me (DON'T FEED THE FREAK). Well Roshni did, she always brought a snack to our questions and answers session. So I gained tons of weight, which I'm now regretting and trying desperately to lose.

Like I said, I've hopped the treadmill. This I think is actually working. I feel better about myself--something about sweating profusely makes me feel good--like I've done something productive. When I would take my "walks" around the neighborhood, I didn't feel good. I didn't sweat enough. I would go three miles around the block--ample exercise, but since salt, potassium and other electrolytes didn't ooze out of my pores, I didn't consider it exercise. You have to sweat and have those circle patches under your arms, on your back and around your chest, before it's considered exercise. So this is taking some of the pudge off. The rest I'm going to have to amputate. Where did all this come from? I know what it's made of...Cadbury Eggs, Herr's Hot Chips, Cheetoes and chips and salsa! That's what it's made of. Oh yeah and those late night orders of Chinese food that Omar liked so much.

Back to my grocery shopping. I did however aquire some Atkins yogurt, Keebler makes some 2gm of carb cookies, Slim Jims, turkey bacon, salad mix and Ben and Jerry's have a Karb Karma!

I think they need to make a Low Carb grocery store.

Unitl another thought pops into my head!


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