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Monday, June 21, 2004

What's Your Color?

Today I've been in almost complete seclusion. Except for my family, I've relinquished contact with the outside world. I'm doing this in order to maximize my study time. And I think in a few simple hours, I may have already gone crazy.

My only solace is these blog pages and my cell phone. However, I vowed not to make any calls until after nine. I can however receive calls from Kaplan related people. So when my friend Roshni Shah called, I was ecstatic! My mouth must have run a million miles an hour and I don't think I talked about anything really relavent. Very much like talking to my buddy Saritha. I mean we did talk about Kaplan stuff and Kaplan people, but nothing that will significantly alter my exam grade. I did however throw myself into a panic when I learned that she was doing better on her practice exams, while I think I may have deteriorated in my exam taking ability. I was doing so well at the end of my Kaplan course, with drill seargent Omar Khan yelling at the top of his lungs and Saint Adeogba sweetly drawing her memory pictures for us to relate. This pictures were awesome. She needs to put out a book entitled "Picasso for Medical Students". It would be a best selling item--watch out First Aid!

I've upped my vitamin intake. I'm practically peeing green, I'm taking so many vitamins. I've got Vitamin C, calcium, Vit E, gingko biloba, and some other energy boosting something or other. I think also the fact that I'm drinking Red Bull and Slim Fast (for the carb conscious dieter) that my urinary excretion is the color that it is--a almost shiny flourescent lime green (the kind of color that old VW beetles are). Very interesting shade. I wish my IPod were that color--but it's white, covered by this Jade Green Iskin that I bought. But the vitamins are to help enhance my immune system, since I'm putting it under so much strain, mainly mental.

I've done almost 150 questions. And I'm not scoring that well. Maybe it's cause I'm tired. Maybe I over analyze, but whatever the reason--(I think it just comes down to, I don't know my stuff), I have to get on the ball. I've got less than a month left. I'm not going to post-pone. I'm going to be strong and just take it!

Until another thought comes my way!


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