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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Raindrops on Roses

We've had so much rain lately, I almost expect some sort of daily shower. It's almost like clockwork here in Charleston, West Virginia. Around 5p.m. the sky gets dark and grey. Then there is a tremendous amount of water poured over the city--it's almost like some giant child is playing with a planter thing and emptying it over Kanawha County. It's a lot of rain. After a few bolts of lightening, the skies clear and then the sun shines like nothing happened.

In a way it's like a child's anger. A small whimper is let out and then a tantrum is thrown. A lot of crying and a lot of thumps on the floor. And then as soon as it comes, it goes. Have you ever watched a child throw a tantrum? Some of them are scary. I've seen one child throw tantrums in which punches are thrown and he yells almost like an adult. It's so scary it makes me cringe and wonder what this child is going to be like as an adult. He's almost a misfit of some sort. I've seen him throw his tantrum several times at gatherings and social events. I wonder how freaked out the parents are. I'm not that close to his parents, well close enough to pry about their feelings concerning their child's outbursts. But if I were them, I would compeltely be embarassed.

I wonder what you are suppose to do about situations like this. One of my friends has a sister who uses Dr. Spock to bring up her child. At one time, she went to comfort this child after he received parental scolding, the child's response? "Please leave me alone with my happy thoughts", said thru sniffles. What? What on earth? It's laughable, but almost more scary than the temper tantrum ridden child. And this temper child, let's call him Monster, is very scary. I'm scared of him. He had one birthday party where he announced he didn't like some of his presents. All this at the tender age of three. I know, I'm concentrating on this one child, but he is scary.

I'm thinking about all this because I am seriously considering pediatrics or child psychiatry as a career. I'm getting ready to take my board exams and it's down to the wire. Pediatrics or psychiatry. On one hand, psychiatry would be great. I love to talk and love to hear stories. On the other hand--it could be really depressing. Pediatrics could be really fullfilling because I love children and have this desire to create healthy attitudes in children, which will hopefully carry into their future--thus eliminating sick people everywhere. Ha! Then doctors would all be out of their jobs. Not a good thing, but our job is to keep people healthy.

Anyway, just thought I would write down my thoughts. It's one of them that popped into my head anyway. Unless you want to hear explanations of the Q-bank questions that I did.

Until another thought pops my way...


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