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Friday, June 18, 2004

A Smile With Your Coffee

I went to Joe's Muggs at Books A Million in Charleston, West Virginia today. Quite a change from studying in my room. Certainly more to see on my hourly 10 minute breaks.

One person in particular caught my attention. She was the coffee chick who worked the shift while I poured over my Kaplan books and learned the different treatments for gastro problems and also emergency medicine. This person had so much energy. She smiled even when bombarded with long lines of customers. And thru the course of the day, I learned (well overheard) from her conversation with other customers that she was a mother, a student and held two jobs. Wow, I was in awe! Here I am, trying to not to panic about an exam that happens in a month,with basically no other worries, but to pass this exam. And there are times when my mood actually shows this worry. But this coffee chick really didn't let anything sway her good mood. And she had energy to boot! Lots of energy! I really want to write a letter to Joe's Muggs or Books A Million and commend their choice to hire her! Mucho Kudos to her!

Now, I think that I will be spending more time studying there! I really got a lot done. I mean a lot!!!!

Until another thought pops into my head!


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