Shaken Not Stirred

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Panic City

So my exam is coming up this month. I've already done the panic thing. I've called everyone I know and complained, whined, extracted assurance and even words of comfort. I mean I don't mean to be dramatic (yes I do, I live for drama), but what else can I do to keep myself sane?

I've tried jumping the treadmill. It only works to get the energy out when CMT is playing something great! Something like Alan Jackson or Tim McGraw can make me run faster--great music to run to. Suprisingly Justin Timberlakes "Justified" is also great running music. Was completely suprised, but it keeps the energy flowing. But there is nothing like country music to keep a pace going.

I've noticed a lot more gray in my hair. Maybe it is true, stress can cause grey. My father, who remains relaxed at all times, has managed to keep from going grey. I've never seen the man yell, I've never seen him panic and I've really never seen him worry. And he has no grey hair. If you were to take photographs of the tops of our heads, you would guess his head of hair was mine and vice-versa. I mean there is a lot of grey there. I am thinking of splurging on some Clairol 209 (natural dark brown to black). I just don't like that smell. Plus I heard it makes your head itch. So not only will I have a fake dressing, but an itchy head.

I met some people taking the same exam at the bookstore today. Well not some people, one girl--who met other people there. It was relaxing to talk to someone going thru the same thing. It always relaxes me to talk to someone in the process of taking the exam.

Anyway, until another thought pops into my head...


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