Shaken Not Stirred

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!

When I pick out the candy I'm going to give out this time of year, it's a bit self serving because I buy in bulk the candy I hope will be left over. And although I know that indulging in this much sugar isn't good for me, I still make those purchases. Lucky for most trick or treaters, the candy I like is pretty popular and well-liked. I just know that I will have to work extra hard in spin class and in kick-boxing class because I will be eating that candy left in the jar.

I find it interesting that there are laws which govern the age limits on children going door to door. Yes, it is a bit awkward to see non-dressed up celebrators in the midst of costumes and make-up, holding a pillow case. But at the same time, we're sitting on the front porch handing out free candy. What's a few extra pieces to those stragglers who are brave enough to handle sarcastic remarks and glaring side glances?

I read an article somewhere on the web and I'm not sure if it is applicable to my area, those who trick or treat beyond certain age restrictions are subject to fines. I don't think that these fines will truly be upheld, but still, are we going to go to the extreme of fining someone just having a little fun? And is it really that pertinent?

Anyway, have a good halloween....