Shaken Not Stirred

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wow, It's Been Awhile

Wow, it's been awhile. And it's isn't like I wanted to be away. It's just that there is nothing in my life to write about. Not that there was something to write about before, but right now my life is extremely boring. I'm talking extremely boring.

I think right now all I have is work, hanging out with friends and my reality shows.

Someone suggest a hobby. I'm thinking of taking up running. except that someone told me that is pretty boring unless you have a kick ass iPod music selection. My iPod is all over the place. I have everything from pop to R&B to rap to adult contemporary to country. I even have a children's song in there--which my nephew asked me to add so he could sometimes borrow my iPod (he was three at the time). So sometimes listening to it on shuffle, throws me off for a curve.

I think yeah, I may take up running. But I'll start tomorrow. I still need a nap today.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Personal Space

I meant to write about this topic awhile ago, but just forgot and found a notepad that had some blog topics written on it. This was one of them.

I do have my own personal space. I know that in certain situations invasion of this space can't be helped. I know that it will get invaded in crowded areas. Once when riding the subway in New York, not only was it invaded but attacked and defeated (not physically, but by another passener's body odor).

My personal space is just something that I keep. Once I am comfortable with a person, I don't mind that they occasionally picnic there and can even vacation there. However, I don't know why some people chose to invade this space.

In particular, and I am remembering the reason that I wrote this down on the notepad in the first place, personal space should always be observed in the bathroom. Now my space isn't a mansion in square footage, it's only a few inches in diameter. But the incident I'm referring to is one in which I went to urinal in a bathroom and picked one on the far end of the line. The bathroom was empty, but since the movie was over, I knew would fill fast. I was the first in the bathroom and like I said picked the far end urinal. The next gentlemen that came in next (and there were still about eight urinals plus five stalls left) took the urinal right smacking next to mine. I was like WTF?

I didn't wait around to find out why. Just did my business and left.

Who does that? I always take one the furthest away from the next bathroom goer? Or is it just me? Am I paranoid and bitching for no reason? Maybe my personal space is much larger than I thought.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Buy A Birthday Gift

And that is what my phone's memo is reminding me to do for today.

I like buying birthday gifts. For the most part it's fun to look for that gift for someone. It may be the only time that I like to shop. Goodness knows that when it comes to myself, I already know what I want before I venture out. I don't do the window shopping thing. What good is that? It has no real value right and is it really an activity? I don't really like walking around the mall aimlessly, hoping to find that bargain. Like I said, for the most part, I already know what I want, so I head directly to the particular store carrying the item and purchase.

When it comes to finding a gift for someone else, that is a different story. I make an assessment of what I think they might like (while driving or whenever this phone makes the "ding" reminding sound). And then I walk around the mall trying to find this particular item. It's probably the only time that I will shop aimlessly, but purchasing for other people is more fun, at least I have fun shopping for someone else.