Shaken Not Stirred

Thursday, December 16, 2010


I wonder why many of the "new" movies are re-boots of old ones. Seriously, have they already run out of ideas or are they simply riding the coat tails of previous successors? I don't think there is a lack of material out there--just look at the best seller aisle in any book store. Or turn on the news, there is always a new scandal, a new late breaking story or storyline that the world follows. Do they really have to re-do old stories.

For instance, classics like Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. I know that it's old. I know that you can now see some set design flaws and because of newer technology, the Oompa Loompas won't look like spray tanned freak. However, the story has been done. It was loved and by me, is still loved. I watched the newer one and yes it has it's appeal...and the time period between Charlie getting his ticket was a lot shorter (so we missed out on the one song I didn't like as a child--"Cheer Up Charlie"). The new may have had a different twist, but didn't have that same appeal. Even my younger cousins and nephews and nieces like the older version. One niece was terrified by a squirrel scene in the newer one and has since refused to watch it again.

I know, off on a tangent. My point is, instead of duping movie goers with old ideas, try investing in some younger talent, giving a chance to a new fresh mind. I'm sure many of those writers, directors and actors who have had the doors slammed in their faces can bring in some originality. I don't know how the whole brainstorm to development panel out there works, but something has got to be done about sequels, prequels and reboots.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

After my spin class tonight, I stopped in a convenience store to get some fluid replacement drinks. As I was waiting in line, a kind southern laden voice from behind admonished me with this statement..."boy it's cold outside, you'd better find the other half of your pants". I turned around and this man was smiling and pointing at my shorts.

I explained that I had just come from the gym. And then he said in reply, "oh well than it's really not that cold out...".

I had to laugh out loud.

Just thought I would share that with you. Not sure why it made me laugh.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

The News

I have recently been getting my news from the trending now portion of my laptop's homepage. Some of the things that are trending now, are truly not news worthy. I can't believe some of the topics that interest people. And out of curiosity, I also click to see why they have been deemed newsworthy. Therefore, I help perpetuate their interest. It's a vicious cycle.

I know that I should be more informed, that I should tune in to more news channels. I just wish there was more feel good news to report. And every so often, we do get the news clip about something good that has happened. This is one of the reasons I love Anderson Cooper's "Heroes" reports. Ordinary people, doing extra-ordinary things.