Shaken Not Stirred

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Make-Over Madness

I can't believe all the make-over shows that have sprung up. First of all I was completely horrified by the show"The Swan". They took "ugly" girls and made them into beauties, thus the transformation of ugly duckling into swans. They then took these new swans and had them compete against each other, thus eradicating the new self-esteem by making some of them losers again.

There is so new show in which over-weight people compete to see who can lose the most weight. What? I have no comment yet, as I've only seen the commercials. But the mere fact that these people have agreed to make public their private agony with weight issues is something which blows my mind. And to take this agonizing nightmare and make it scrutiny for public viewing is something that makes no sense to me. Is it for the 15 minutes of fame that each person is guaranteed to have in their lifetime?

One thing that also gets me is before and after pictures. Why are the before pictures so unbelieveably hideous. They don't allow these persons to make themselves up, just snap a polaroid type driver's license picture. Do these people really look like this on a day to day basis, much less when they know that their picture is being taken? I don't think so. Plus from some of the make-overs that I've seen, all the magic boils down to a really expensive haircut, lots of make-up and good facials.

I think it's this type of media that in fact starts the cycle of needing to have a make-over. Do we really need to have an outer make-over? What really need is an inner one.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Are You Kidding Me?

I had "The Apprentice" as background noise while I was doing some internet work. Since my computer completely faces a different direction than the television, I couldn't take a quick glance, but could hear the conversation of two of the apprentice wanna-bes. Okay, I was playing a computer game--Zuma--and couldn't look away for fear one of the marbles would roll in the hole. Anyway, their task this week was to open a restaurant and get the best reviews. Anyway, the restaurant run by the guys was going through a rough bump. A group of men eating at the restaurant were complaining about some of the food. One of the apprentice wanna-bes told one of the other ones that the group of men were gay and they needed to do something about it. He suggested that the one wanna-be go over to their table and bend over to tie his shoe. This "picturesque" answer to the men's complaint was to subdue them and make them complain less. What in the world? Is that suppose to work. It sounds like a scene from one of those cheesy late night cable "soft-porn" flick scenes. I hope that the wanna-be got scolded for his assumption and then for his suggestion for getting out of the hot-spot.

I can't believe some of the things said on television.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

This Just In.....

I was watching a cable news channel today, one of their more late breaking stories didn't concern the war in Iraq, election updates or even the hurricane aftermath in Florida. This story was the breaking of patient-doctor confidentiality. The story which will be more fully explained on sunday in a special, was about the late John Kennedy's medical records and the medication he supposedly received. This, after 40 years, is of concern to the public? Isn't there something more pressing? Kennedy was treated for his Addisons disease, but supposedly got other medication also. I think that after 40 years, the public would just see this as gossip and not important news.

Also in the news was the 28 students who were arrested after fighting. Why are these students fighting among theirselves? Isn't it bad enough that our country is fighting another nation? Why create a rift here at home? I think in this time of war, we need to band together, rather than create a weak link.

Last night I watched the show, "The Benefactor". I lost interest after I realized the underlying premise of the show was "lets see how we can please this very rich man who wants to make us his playthings". All these people are doing whatever this wealthy man wants them to do so that he'll give them a million dollars. The first man to get kicked off the show lost his chance (the benefactor dude doesn't say "you're fired", he says "you've lost your chance at a million dollars" because he said something like "I hope this game isn't stupid". The benefactor didn't like that at all. He didn't like that someone thought the show was stupid). So the benefactor gets to kick people off the show based on the fact that he doesn't like them. No other panelist, no other judges. It's all based on whether or not he thinks they have it to become successful. Let's face it, if they had it to become successful, without his judgement, they would already have the million dollars, rather then do cartwheels for him.

God Bless! Have a great day!

Monday, September 27, 2004

A Cure

I think I just discovered a cure for the blues! Watch one of Margaret Cho's comedy specials. I watched Notorious CHO yesterday and I was laughing so hard, I had to put a pillow over my face so that the neighbors wouldn't hear me. I highly recommend taking the time to watch her stand-up.

My cousin Carmela will be celebrating her 30th birthday on October 8th. This makes me really old, cause she was always considered one of the younger ones of our generation. She's still single and beautiful, successful too (she owns the boutique Girls in White Dresses in Columbus, Ohio). So she always jokingly said that if she wasn't married by 30, she would celebrate the party like it was a wedding reception. Her friends are throwing her party--complete with a garden tent! I can't wait to see the get-up she throws on. She never ceases to amaze me!

Please say a prayer for the families of the beheaded prisoners!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

A Little Break

I went to Baltimore this weekend to visit my cousin. Her husband was coming back from Iraq, on leave for two weeks. She threw him a huge party, lots of friends coming in to congratulate him and to also say their thanks for helping to protect the U.S.A.! God Bless our soldiers!

While he was away, Theodore had lost 40 pounds! This was with no effort at all. He said the temperature made him sweat profusely, constantly. Plus he had to walk everywhere he went. I was thinking, maybe I should go to some desert--Death Valley (is that in California?) and sweat all this out too. My cousin Sue and I discussed that she and I were purposely trying to lose weight to no avail. Theodore comes back with a 30 inch waist and tone!

Anyway, on Saturday night, we went to Cheesecake Factory at the Inner Harbor. Really good food. I have new favorites Buffalo Blasts and Godiva Chocolate Chessecake. See those two menu choices are the very reason I can't lose the weight. If you have a chance though, try those menu items from The Cheesecake Factory!

A big happy birthday to my friend Dr. Csilla who turned, hmmm, on Sept 17th and Chip whose birthday is on Sept 16th. My cousin Irene and Theodore celebrated their 5th anniversary on Sept 18th. Tim Hersh also celebrated his birthday on Sept 15th. My niece Jada turned 7 on September 19th. And Dr. David Basco will celebrate a birthday on Sept 22 (I'll say happy birthday to you again David! How's Clare?). I think that's all I have to celebrate for this week. If I forgot you, sorry!

Tuesday, September 14, 2004


My father wil be in charge of the music to be played for an event sometime this week. They've asked him to play the piano. When I was younger, he always played the piano, the music from the instrument floating through the air filling our whole house. He plays with such vigor that it can be heard from wherever you are in the household. No escaping it. Not only can he play the piano, but he can play the violin and the sax. All these instruments are self-taught and he plays by ear.

I wish I had studied harder when I was younger. My siblings and I had all the opportunities to really learn an instrument. We had violin lessons, flute lessons and piano lessons. Nothing came of any of them for me. I can read notes, can plunk out a song, albeit making it sound like a drowning tenor. But I don't have the grace which my father does. At all our gatherings, someone always asks him to play and everyone listens while he does.

I know it's genetic, cause my first cousin has the same talent. Casey can also play the piano. Not only can he play by ear, but he can also read notes and play. My father's sister can compose her own music. She's 80 years old this week. I didn't take the chance when I had it. But I don't think it's too late. My friend Saritha said never say never and don't look back, but forward. So I plan to start practicing again. It will sound awful and I'm sure my father's grand piano will shudder at the very thought of my immature fingers striking the keys, but I know that I can play with some sort of awkward grace. I'll just keep trying!

Friday, September 10, 2004

Sideline Coach

While watching the Jennifer Capriati and something something something Dementieva match, I kept screaming at the televison like a madman! I know Capriati was doing her best and there is no way, even in my dreams, will I ever play like her. So why was I screaming like I knew what was best for her? She eventually lost! I lost my voice and my composure on the treadmill!
Anyway, she played an awesome match! She is still my favorite. Capriati has come such a long way. And in her own life, beaten the demons of her past! Way to go Jen! You'll get them next year!
She said in an interview that she was thankful for getting second chances again, and again and again. She said it was that dynamic smile too. I think her strength to come back is something that every person needs. Everyone gets those second chances again and again and again. Grab them! And see what comes of it.
Congrats Ms Capriati! You are a pure champion!

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Funyun Dipping

I've recently been on my treadmill a lot more lately than usual. Mostly it's therapeutic, alleviates the stress of study and the stress of waiting for my exam results. And mostly because I want to desperately get rid of this weight that I have put on since my sem-sedentary life of sitting at a desk memorizing random facts--which will help me get thru an exam.

A lot of times the weight is my problem, my fault really. I have snacked a lot--shoved things down my throat that shouldn't be there. My favorite dish-- Funyuns dipped in cheddar cheese dip (mild flavor is awesome, gives them that edge). So I think my weight gain is a result of this recipe for "fat"! My fault! So should I make a documentary that eating Funyuns will result in weight gain? No, I think I'd like to keep this awesome alternative to chips on the shelves. Everything should be in moderation right? This is why I didn't feel that Supersize Me was a very fair documentary. No one eats McDonald's three times a day, supersizing their meals each time. And if they did, yeah, all that food would have to end up someplace--mainly a females thighs or a males abdominal area. It's just logical. So I'll leave the Funyun people alone. A-because I love Funyuns and B-because eating them had no correlation to my weight gain. Even if I did eat them almost daily. My weight gain was due to a laziness and lack of diet balance.

I'll end here as I've gotta read some before I hop on the treadmill for my afternoon stint. I may do some extra miles since my dinner group goes to a chinese buffet tomorrow for our weekly meeting of minds. I look forward to these weekly meetings. They are fun, without expectation. And I get to practice my social skills. Something that doesn't happen with my review books!

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

I watched this movie today, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, quite interesting and comedic. The storyline is the building of friendship between two unlikely travelers as they try to make their way home for Thanksgiving. The come upon all kinds of mishaps as they travel.

It made me think of many of the friendships that I have made throughout my life. I mean no one knows how long many of their friendships will last and no one really knows how the lasting ones really began. For instance, my friend Saritha and I met while studying for our medical boards. Although we didn't talk a lot while at Rutherford, we ended up building a friendship through phone calls and email. We did have a lot of fun one night talking about the beer cops and dormitory rules--there was a gosh awful 2 a.m. fire drill. I thought it was my roommates phone and she and her friends were celebrating something. Anyway, we ended the night cracking up about the drill that started our conversation. Out of 160 something people, who'd have thought we'd end up forging a relationship? It isn't like it is unlikely that we would have become friends. But just that we did. I'm ever thankful that we had a firedrill.

Now to the point of my story. I never quite get there and I'm sure when I hit the "publish post" button, I will have thought of something more clever to say or something else to add. Friendships are just that--a journey of some sort--sometimes the vehicle breaksdown, therefore get your lazy ass out of the seat and check the engine out. It's going to happen. Just make sure you fix it before anything else breaks. There are never two people who can't form a relationship, no matter how unlikely. Everyone can use a friend.

Thank you guys for blessing my life!

Monday, September 06, 2004

Stormy Weather

What is with all the storms brewing? Enough is enough mother nature! I think the Floridians are due for a rest!

And today on the news, I saw a story about a looters getting arrested for robbing homes and small convenient stores. What are they thinking? Isn't it enough that these catastrophies have destroyed these properties, but then to steal from them too? I can't believe someone who have the deranged mentality of profiting from someone else's loss. These are the people who will truly be judged!

On that note, I know I always talk about some song I heard on the radio or saw on CMT. I again saw the "Feels Like Today" video by Rascal Flatts. Anyway, the song is about something good happening to people and that the good will happen soon. The video is about a photographer who goes around taking picutres of seemingly lonely people and then giving them the photograph. Only when the person views the photograph, there are other people in the photos too--family members, children, friends and loved ones. So I guess my message for today is...something good will happen. Just weather the storms, batton down the hatches, ride it out. There is a rainbow somewhere along the coast!

Friday, September 03, 2004


Who said, or where did I read that Americans don't have culture? I can't remember the circumstance or the article, news story or event. But I do remember the comment that Americans don't have "real" culture.
Oh, but we do. I remember in sixth grade having to learn to square dance. We were graded on it. I remember thinking, I could fail the sixth grade cause I don't know how to doe-si-doe (spell check?). It's a part of small town living. I'm not sure if it's still required of West Virginia sixth graders, but I can still dance that little jig.
I remember having to learn certain songs also--God Bless America, the Star Spangled Banner, and even Home on the Range during elementary school.
We also have Thanksgiving. Everywhere across the U.S., families are gathered together and remember the first winter that Americans spent in this great nation. A turkey is stuffed, baked and then carved among friends and family. This is another part of our culture. Show most people across the world a pilgram and an Indian sitting down to a table and they will associate it with the United States.
Baseball and football are other aspects of our culture.
We have our Fourth of July celebrations, Disneyworld, the Statue of Liberty. We have museums and great landmarks. This place is steeped in culture.
I say most Americans should do what my friend Mondeep did and travel the U.S. territories before thinking of traveling abroad! See what we've got here.
We do have our own traditions and culture. Plus if you think about it, we're a fairly new nation. So we still have some time to create traditions and culture.

Thursday, September 02, 2004


Kobe Bryant's criminal case was dropped. Last year when the news came out that he was charged with allegedly raping someone, I couldn't believe it. I was shocked to my very core. I didn't believe that he would do something like this and I still don't believe that he committed the crime. His only crime was against his wife and family--adultery.

I wonder what people like his accuser think when they press charges like this, assuming that Kobe is 100% innocent. Is dragging someone's life thru the mud as well as putting your own life up for scrutiny really worth all this? Had the victim been raped, than I stand behind her 100% in filing suit. A rapist shouldn't be out there. But if the sex was consensual and then later a suit brought up for monetary reasons, is the money really worth it?

If Kobe is found completely innocent, even in the civil suit, can this girl compensate for the losses he endured, both in his personal life as well as financially (loss of endorsements). Because he can very well turn the suit around and sue her back.

I know that he was wrong for having cheated. And maybe this will teach him some sort of lesson. Hopefully it does. But still, was the whole media circus and publicity worth one night in the sack?
I'm glad that so far it's over. I got tired of hearing about it on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

I Don't Understand

Recently, some children at a Russian school were taken hostage by terrorist who threatened to kill many hostages as revenge for their own who died. I don't know why an "eye for an eye" strategy would pacify any hurt or anger felt by those scorned. It is almost a childlike attitude to take. You did this, so I get to do it back. What have these terrorist come to?

Anyway for today, just say a short prayer for the children who are innocently being tortured for selfish reasons. None of which will get the terrorist anywhere, except for feelings of more loathing. They gain nothing by doing this and have everything to lose.

In other news, a Christian fraternity is not being recognized by a university. The Christian university is not being recognized because it will "discriminate" against potential members. I don't know how this is any different from the social strata of most fraternities and sororities. I have never been in one before, but from my understanding, active members can pick and choose among potential candidates during a period called Rush. And most of them will pick and choose those members most like them, most likely to uphold the standards and the goals that the organization has for itself. So how does the goal of Christian fraternity differ? I mean after all they would pick and choose those members of the Rush crowd that most emulated their goals. Funny how religion is such an tender issue with so many.