Shaken Not Stirred

Monday, April 20, 2009

Shushed By A Five Year Old

This weekend I took my five year old nephew to see "Monsters Vs Aliens". Very good movie, very well done and with all the good moral lessons in all the right places. And the 3D, which I love, was awesome. I'm always intrigued by the magic of cinema.

During the movie, I asked my nephew if he needed anything. Without taking his eyes off the screen he said "Shhh". So I repeated the question "Do you need anything, have to go to the bathroom". He said "if I need something, I will tell you...shhh".

Hmmm, I was making too much noise for a five year old.

Sunday, April 05, 2009


So I've been running/jogging/walking for about two weeks now. I would not call myself a runner just yet. My routine usually goes something like this...I run for a mile, then walk for half a mile, run for another half mile, then walk for half a mile, then run for another half mile or mile. So I'm not consistent, but I'm not at breathless as I was two weeks ago.

I've run before. But before I did it to lose weight, now I'm doing it to get into shape (yeah lose some poundage) but I also like it this time. I feel great after a run and I'm actually truly enjoying it.

Now here's the I run with my iPod. But my iPod is a true mess. I've got so many different genres in this mini storage unit that placing it on scramble just ends up having too much variety. I'll go from listening to something face paced to classical music. So this breaks my pace.

Now here's what I need from you....helpful suggestions for running music. I've bought one of those card things for music. Help me create a play list for running. Suggest some good running/jogging/music.