Shaken Not Stirred

Monday, January 29, 2007

It's Too Big!!!

After months of being given the opportunity to switch to the new blogger, I finally switched over today!!! Everyday since about Thanksgiving, whenever I would sign in to write a new post, I would see the words "your new blogger is ready". And when I would try to switch it would say "it's too big". Those three words have never ever been uttered in my direction, but in reference to my blog, they have been used. For some reason today when I clicked on the "switch" sign, it switched me!! And so here I am a part of the new and improved blogger. I don't feel different. I haven't seen the differences yet, except a different welcome template and the absence of the "switch" sign.

Has anyone else switched? Has it made a difference? Or is it like the old New and Improved Coke formula, which I couldn't taste any difference. Seriously, I would be the worse person to ask for a soda taste test. I don't know the difference, except that some feel more scratchy in my throat then the others. As far as taste goes, I really don't know. It's like those waiters/waitresses in the restaurants that say "Is a Pepsi product okay?". Umm, yes!! You could have served me Sprite in a dark glass, I wouldn't have known the difference!!! Next!!!

Okay, I think I was suppose to write about something else. I'm scanning my mind to remember exactly what pointless ramble I was going to post, but I honestly can't remember. I'm thinking maybe it was that new Grease reality show---honestly, why do I get sucked into reality shows? But I have a feeling that it wasn't about the new Danny Zukos (except guess what? One of them is from Charleston!!!! I don't know him, but he's from Charleston--and so yes I phoned in to vote for him!! Don't hate me because I'm a numbnut!!! I'm just shwoing my support).

I promise I'll remember my real ramble sometime soon and I'll post it. Until then, I'll leave you with thoughts of a reality show called Grease:You're The One That I Want!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Brand New Day

I'm done having my whiny hissy fit. I know I was whiny and a big girly man the other day. I don't know what it was. One of my friends from medical school said he believed we had our own hormonal cycles. Maybe I was having one. Maybe all I really needed was a huge tampon inserted into my mouth, so no one could hear me whine. I bet it was annoying. I know my classmate Maria really didn't appreciate it since she had called to discuss clinical vignettes and trick questions. She got an earful of girly man crap.I know blogger could possibly have shattered due to the sheer high note my voice was hitting (at least in my head) as I was typing out the post. And the hormones have abated. My level is back to normal.

It didn't take much. I took Phats advice and hit some tennis balls. I didn't have a partner to hit with on such short notice, so I went to the back of the tennis courts--where they keep their practice wall and just smashed each ball hard enough to go thru the cement. Big relief and lots of sweat (not as much as the stair-stepper dude). I then went to the gym and hopped on the treadmill. I ran about two miles, hopped off and did some weights. I didn't grunt though, grunting is never appropriate unless of course it's in the bedroom.

And there was some Doritos and and a milkshake involved (so much for the workout huh?). Doritos have these new trial flavors like Blazin Buffalo and Ranch, Sweet Chili (something like that) and something with jalepenos (sp?). And some cartoons too-- South Park, Family Guy and Futurama. With that, I was cured.

Back to business now. I've got to learn some treatment modalities for my surgery review.

Monday, January 22, 2007

I'm So Tired

My brain hurts, my head hurts, and my mind hurts.

And nope, I'm not quitting the blog.

I'm just saying that I'm tired of studying. That's all.

I'm tired of getting practice questions wrong because the next best step was not the one I picked. The one I picked was something that follows the next best one, once the patient is stabilized.

I'm thinking of taking a day off and going down to the beach--except that I don't like the beach. I would go shopping, but I don't like shopping. I would have sex, but I don't know a willing chick who will just have sex and then leave (without being paid). I would take a drive, but I don't know where to go.

Maybe I'll just watch back to back episodes of "Scrubs" and laugh my ass off. And eat a big huge bag of Doritos (they have these trial flavors). Any suggestions?

Friday, January 19, 2007

Body Juices

Things like sweat, blood, saliva, urine shouldn't gross me out. I've dealth with them in laboratory settings and collected them from patients on my clinical rotation. But today I was grossed out enough to emit that puke sound from my throat. I mean really grossed out.

I went to the gym early this morning. I have dinner with my aunt and uncle tonight and who knows how long that would last. I love talking to my aunt. She's a respected physician, with good advice for taking the Step 2 of the USMLE's. Constantly testing my knowledge and trying to slip one under (and then she explains the question thoroughly). So I went to the gym early.

When I got there, the stair-steppers were full. The treadmills and stationary bikes were full. I looked down at the sign-up sheet and one of the stair-steppers was going to be free in about five minutes (number 3). I looked and saw a humongo man sweating himself into dehydration on it. He was practically bathing in his perspiration. Ding!! He was done. He stepped down and then proceeded to wipe the machine down. When he stepped away from it, I climbed on. I entered my body weight, the time that I would like the machine to run for, the type of excercise I wanted the machine to do for me (you know up and down, cross country, mountains etc). I stepped on, poppped my iPod with The Fray to start me off and started my exercise. Fifteen minutes into the stepping, I had to grap the rail to reposition myself, my hand slipped. I was thinking WTF? I looked down and saw that the whole lower rung was soaking wet. The dude hadn't completely cleaned off his sweat. I could have puked right there. The guy beside me said something like "I never want to go after him. He leaves all kinds of sweat everywhere--even on the weight machines".

Later, after driving home from the gym, I saw a chick jogging along the highway. She was wearing one of those aerodynamic jogging suits--the kind that looks painted onto her body. She was pretty cute and healthy looking. She then spit a goober into the air. It was big enough for me to see from my peripheral vision--and she was completely on the other side of the road, going in the opposite direction. Completely grossed out now. Not only was I still reeling from touching some guys sweat, but this girl hawking a goober. Why can't people just keep their juices to themselves?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Stylist Sopranos

One of the chicks that cuts my hair made me an offer I couldn't refuse. Well, she didn't threaten my life or anything. I did however feel somewhat pressured or maybe bored and wanted to move on. Needless to say, I still have the same person cutting my hair even though she left the place where I get my haircut.

On Saturday I went into my usual haircut place (my sister calls them salons, but when I think salon, I think of a place with people having their nails done and lots of chicks chatting, sounding like chickens picking at dried corn). But this place has both guys and girls in it and it doesn't smell like hair dye stuff. Anyway, I went in for my appointment and the chick talking on the phone, moved her mouth from the phone piece thing and said, "She isn't here anymore, but we moved you to Sally". I don't care who cuts my hair so I agreed.

Sally went talked way too much, about things I didn't care to know about and people I have never met or will ever meet. But she kept avoiding the topic of "What happened to Waldo". She would skirt the topic and then go back into a tirade of who's who in her apartment complex.

I paid and they made my next appointment. When I walked into the parking lot, an SUV kept honking. I didn't recognize the car, so I kept walking. Just then my old hairdresser hung out of the driver's seat and called me over to her car. She opened the passenger's side and asked me to get in.

A little confused, I got in.

"What did they tell you about me?".

I told her the truth. No one told me anything.

She then went into another tirade of who's who in the shop and how there was jealousy and how she tried to call me to warn me that she wouldn't be cutting my hair and that she moved to a new place. I heard about 2 secs of her 15 minute speech. It really doesn't matter to me who cuts my hair, if is a bad cut, I'll just wear a baseball cap. I know that I'm pretty metro about things like washing my face, lotioning and my teeth, but hair is boring and doesn't do what it's told, so I've given up on it and just let it do what it wants.

She pulled out her appointment book and then said, "Your usual three weeks?" I said yes and watched her write it into her schedule book. She gave me directions to her new place. She then said "I'll see you in three weeks, bye".

As I got into my car, I saw her wait for the next person (a guy who was told the same thing I was and that he was given a new hair cutter).

With that, I was ushered out into the parking lot. I guess I'll see her in three weeks.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Mocha Latte and One Baby

This morning while I was waiting in line at a cafe for some coffee, a lady with the cutest baby was standing waiting in front of me. I usually don't drink coffee because A) too much can make my heart palpitate, B)it makes me pee like a racehorse (why do we use that analogy) and C) it dulls the white in my teeth. Yes, I'm vain and it's mainly "C" that I don't drink coffee or soda. But I didn't want to just come right out and say that vanity prevents me from drinking coffee.

Anyway, the woman with the baby asked me if I wanted to go before her. She said she couldn't make up her mind what kind of coffee she wanted. She went on to explain when she was younger, there weren't that many choices--you got served coffee black, with sugar, with cream or with cream and sugar. She also went on to say that you certainly didn't need to learn Italian or whatever language these large chains use to order a simple cup.

I heard most of what she said, but was more fascinated with how cute her child was. The baby was in one of those strappy things that hold the baby against the parent and the parent is hands-free. I told her the baby was beautiful. Some other customers also noticed and said the same thing. Pretty soon the baby was surrounded by other adoring fans. She was that gorgeous--no actors/actresses baby has one on this one.

As our line moved closer to the counter, we were able to gaze at the magazine rack. It was mostly full of tabloid like stuff, so I just stared at it. I read thru many of the beaten like a dead horse headlines. You know the ones like Jen's Anguish at Being Alone, Nicole Struggle With Weight, and so on and so forth. My eyes just scanned them. The lady with the baby was scanning them too.

I made a funny face at her baby and the child responded by giggling. The mother smiled and said, "Say my name is (something I forgot)". My eyes went back to the different tabloids and so did the mothers. I then said, "Almost makes you want to buy one". The mother then looked at me funny. I was like, "What! I know you were eyeing the magazines too".

It was then I realized she thought I was talking about babies. I smirked and said "I meant a tabloid magazine". She laughed (thank goodness).

Have a good weekend.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

It's 2007

I haven't made the mistake yet of writing 2006 rather than 2007 on anything. It can't be because my brain is any sharper, it must be because I acknowledge the change. Usually I make the mistake of writing the previous year on checks, in notebooks or other places that require dating, but this year none so far. Maybe it's because I got a lot of closure for 2006 and it was time to move on.

So my cousin's wedding went off without any hitches. The food was gosh-awful!! I mean really gosh-awful. I about puked. And it was pretty expensive (over a hundred dollars per head). The only thing that I enjoyed was the finger-food served during the cocktail hour. Those were yummy, or maybe I was so hungry because the wedding ceremony was Catholic and therefore hours long.

I think I enjoyed watching the children interact during the reception more than anything else. It was fun to see four-year-olds in tuxedos and little girls in minature evening gowns. It was an evening wedding, so black tie was the theme--otherwise I have no explanation why these children looked so elegant. I was particularly touched when I saw my brother slow-dancing with his two year old daughter. Because her hair was up and she looked like a little lady all primped and coiffed, I could almost imagine her as a young adult. She kept giggling throughout the dance. It made me somewhat wonder when I would be starting my family. And then my sister's four year-old slid into my chair like he was sliding into home base. I wondered how he didn't tear his suit. It made me reconsider getting snipped in all the right places.

Why do weddings have that affect on me? I usually don't care about my biological clock--which for men ticks for a longer period of time!!!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Santa, I Was Good

I went to a bachelor party over Christmas break and because I am still studying and because I had made promises to myself and God, I was the designated driver. Everyone else got to get sloppy drunk except for me. I didn't mind though, I think watching everyone else drink was more fun--especially because people generally make asses of themselves when they are toasted.

The bachelor party itself was okay. The bachelor didn't want to go to a strip club, instead he and his wife-to-be decided that the the bachelorette and bachelor parties would conjoin at close to midnight and become one blob of drinking fools. I guess that was alright, his reasoning was validated--he was getting married, why look at other naked chicks. But I begged to differ, if I wasn't getting sloshed and I had to babysit, it would have been better to babysit sober while getting a lapdance (don't you think?).

The only downside to our drinking was when the bill came, the one guy who was tallying it up (well he was drunk because the next day--at the wedding, he was a pretty nice guy and didn't seem to remember) included me in the head count. One of the groomsmen tried to explain that I should not have to pay because I didn't drink or eat anything and also because I was shuffling people's drunk asses back to the hotel room. The tallyer said "fair is fair everyone pays". The groomsmen then said, "fine, then I'll pay his 50 bucks". And the tallyer ended up saying "never mind let him be cheap". I don't think I was being cheap, I just didn't think I should pay for something I didn't partake in, especially cause I was there mainly to drive my buddies home safely.

Okay, enough about that rant. I hope everyone has a good weekend.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!!! I hope everyone had a great holiday. I've been busy--the reason I haven't been reading blogs. Big reunion, with lots of good times--which I will write about.

I'll be back in fully swing--studying and also blogging in a few days. Let me rest up. But I miss reading everyone's blogs!!!