Shaken Not Stirred

Friday, February 27, 2009


I said I would post about my schedule or anything that popped up with my Treo appointments.

And today it popped up get a haircut. And although it is necessary to get one, I hate going to get it done. The guy always asks me how I want it done. I don't know how to describe a haircut. I usually end up having to say make it look like that (and I am pointing to one of the many posed models on the posters). If I can't find a model that looks like I want it done, then I have to mention a familiar actor.

Last time I was in there, the guy sitting next to me had very specific directions on how he wanted his hair cut. This much off here, that much off there, layer it here and take a little off the top. Yes, I was listening, just in case--because if his came out looking the way I would want mine to look, then I could just say the same stuff he was saying the next time I was there. His hair did come out looking good, but I didn't write down all his directions in correct order. Also I wasn't watching where his fingers were pointing as he gave the directions. So I'm sure if I gave the directions as I remembered them, I would wind up looking like I lost a fight with scissors.

This is what I'm doing later on today...I'm getting my hair cut.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I really do want to post more often...and like the Duck, I really do want to write a post. However, I lack imagination or even good daily happenings. So is the life of someone who doesn't have a life. In fact, I think sometimes the reason I play video games is to pretend I have a life. The Sims games offer me a life--except that I don't get to woo-hoo whenever I please, or wherever I please. But even the Sims can get boring.

So I'm going to just write about anything that is in my Treo's to do. And today my to do is to have dinner with my friends. We're going to have a steak dinner. Yes, I know that red meat isn't healthy eating, but there are moments when I crave it like there is no tomorrow. I think I will also want a beer with it, but that is still to be decided. The movie? Well we let Sue pick and her pick is that chick flick about shopping. So I'm going to bury myself in a bucket of buttered popcorn and pray for daylight.

Until the next time my Treo dings with a TO DO happening....have a great Sunday.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

So these pictures of a golden boy swimmer surfaced...and everyone is making a big deal that he let so many people down. Yeah, he's a role model. But I think he was right when he said that he would have a hard time explaining them to his mother. How do you explain something like that to your parents? Those are the people that you probably really let down.

Personally I think that something like this makes him less superman and more human. I think however, we need to let the publicity go away. Sometimes the paparazzi makes more of a big deal than there is....and really, who was the "friends" that sold him out? Who gave that picture from the party away?

I don't know. I guess because he has celebrity status, he has to watch what he does, what he says, and when he does. I don't believe that anyone should be subject to being watched 24/7, but it's probably the price you pay for being in the limelight.

Just like that chick that made "goofy" faces for a photo, who suddenly was accused of making fun of certain ethnic groups. I haven't seen the photo, but I'm sure it can't be that bad.

Anyway, I left names out so that when people googled the celebrity's names the wouldn't end up on my senseless ramblings.