Shaken Not Stirred

Saturday, September 29, 2007

I Have No Words

I watched in horror as time ran out on the Mountaineers and they were defeated by USF.
I have no words!!! Oh how heavy my heart feels. And I didn't sleep well last night thinking about how the team must feel. I bet they feel awful.
Let's just hope they do better the next game!!
Still a loyal fan and alumni. Will always be!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Last night was the premiere of some television shows. Among them, the spin-off from Grey's Anatomy. When I first saw the pilot (shown as part of a Grey's Anatomy two hour special last season), I was not at all interested. It seemed to me another version of one of those teen shows like One Tree Hill or The O.C., but only these people were physicians and were 25 years older than the high school stars of these teen dramas.

But curiosity killed me and I tuned in to watch the premiere. I think I sort of liked it. And I felt bad about this, like I was cheating on Grey's. I realized however they wouldn't be competing with Grey's, but maybe enhancing it? I don't know. I'm going to tune in next week to the show to see if it's going to be one of my viewing choices.

After the show was Dirty Sexy Money. Since I was mostly on the phone with my friend Mulan (her name is Lilly, I just call her Mulan) I didn't really get to listen to what was going on. But it looked interesting none-the-less. Did anyone watch it? Should I have watched Bionic Woman?

But tonight is Grey's Anatomy!! Yay!! Meredith's sister is going to be a new intern!! Let's see what that throws into the mix!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

They'll Leave The Porch Lights On

I remember growing up and thinking the houses that were half a mile away from my house, was extremely far. I saw those kids occasionally when I rode my bike through the neighborhood, I knew their names from when I would stop and introduce myself, but I never played with them or invited them over. After all, they lived so far away!!

I felt that if I couldn't hear my mother's voice when she called me in for lunch, or my father's whistle he used for me when he needed some chore done, then it was way too far away. I also felt I might get lost if darkness fell way too fast.

My parents always left the porch light on whenever dusk started to fall if my siblings and I insisted on staying outside a little longer. This usually happened during the summer months and we wanted to stay outside long enough to see lightning bugs. Those were the best. I remember wanting to catch enough to put into a jar to light up my room. I had no idea why I thought they would be able to light up my bedroom. Plus they actually smelled a little funny.

I think the reason I'm remembering those outdoor days because it's autumn and this season always makes me reminisce about summer days as a child!! Happy autumn everyone!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Have A Good Weekend

I just wanted to say have a good weekend everyone!! I know I will.

I am excited because one of my buddies just called and said he had an extra ticket for me to go to the Mountaineer game in Tampa (about 30 minutes from where I am) next weekend!! I'm excited. My brother-in-law and sister will be in attendance along with their crew of friends, so I'll get to see them too!

So "Let's Go Mountaineers" this weekend and next. Thanks to Phats for adding the Mountaineers to his list. Check out his predictions for college football here!

"Give a cheer the gangs all here so hail to West Virginia hail"!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's Just A Song

Today I was driving and blasting the radio. I find Rihanna's song "Shut-Up And Drive" very catchy and I was bouncing along to it (well bouncing without looking like a dork to anyone driving beside me). Mostly I was bouncing in my head with the occasional knee and toe tapping movement.

Suddenly I heard sirens. I thought WTF? Did I run a stop sign, I know there wasn't one on that corner unless they recently put it up. Did I go past the speed limit, highly unlikely--since I don't speed, not even accidentally. I bet it was because I was playing that song too loud and the tasteful music guards were on the lookout. I looked in my rear view mirror and no one was behind me. I looked to the side, no one was beside me.

It was then I realized it was just the song. Had my heartbeat going there for a second. But my anti-perspirant held up!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Weird Freaky Dream

One of my friends and I (the Egg) discuss our weird dreams all the time. We even started to write them down in journal form so that when we had one of our long discussions, we could throw these dreams in to add a few more hours to our phone calls.

The other day I had a really weird dream. In my dream, I had fallen asleep on the couch in my parent's basement. There is a flat screen television there, as well as a pretty comfortable couch. Then in my dream, my sister's son had come down and sat in front of the television. The basement in my parent's house in the place where their grandchildren go to play because it's relatively safe (there is nothing breakable there--unlike in the living room). So in my dream, my nephew sits down and watches Nickelodeon. I try to wake up (not realizing this was still part of the dream), but I can't open my eyes. I can hear my nephew's voice and hear whatever show he was watching, but couldn't wake up. I finally call to my nephew to come and shake me (which he does half-assed because his head is turned to watch whatever show he was watching). At this point I become frustrated and then wake up for real. I discover that I'm not in my parent's basement.

Weird huh? I guess the pinch me I must be dreaming doesn't apply in all cases.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

After 12 Clog Your Arteries

I just saw a weird announcement. One of the fast food restaurants that I like stated that they would start serving healthier meals for children under 12. So does that mean after 12 they don't care if you clog your arteries? What if I wanted a healthy meal, could I get one because I'm over 12? In reality some advanced technology toys (and I'm not talking lincoln logs) cause me to become 8 years-old all over again.

Why not just say that healthier meals now available? And because they are so use to it, some under 12 children may not understand the concept of 0 trans-fat, low carbs, or card board tasting food served on a tray.

Just wondering who does the marketing for some of these places.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Houston, We Have No Problems

I recently went to visit Houston and stayed with a friend of mine, Sheiryll. She was in physical therapy school when I started medical school. I think she was one of the reasons that I stayed sane in the beginning of medical school. For some reason, she always had a smile on her face. The load of school work dumped on us daily didn't seem to bother her.

She graduated from PT school before I finished medical school and then moved to Houston. And unlike the rest of her classmates, isn't working in the health care field. She is a successful real estate agent. After passing all the necessary exams (she said just in case nothing else career wise goes right, she can always fall back on physical therapy) she decided that she didn't want to work in this field.

Sheiryll's friends all showed me a great time. They invited me to a birthday party which was extremely fun!! It was a bowling party!! And it was fun. I didn't bowl very well, but I had a fun time meeting some of their friends. A hilarious thing happened. Some of the party guests of our party started eating from this buffet table that was set up at the start of our bowling lanes. We soon found out, it was the appetizers and dinner of another party. The guys who owned the food were pretty forgiving.They offered to share their food--thank goodness for the big boobies that some of our chicks had.

I'm not sure why I'm telling this story two weeks later. I think it's just because I was flipping through the different ESPN channels and there was a bowling commercial on and I remembered Sheiryll and friends eating food that they thought was theirs.

And because when I was going to tell the story of my trip to Houston, I also had a real story to tell. But I let the time pass and I forgot what I was going to write about.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Check This Out

The Duck has come up with a great idea!!! He has created a cornucopia of sorts, but for blog writers. I've joined this collaboration and I'm glad I did.

Check out his "Frankenstein" (but not scary) at Awesome Amalgamation.

Go there NOW!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

What Was The Problem?

I ran into an old friend of mine. I shouldn't say my friend, actually he was a roommate's friend. But he and my roommate were such good friends that he may as well lived with us. And then one day they fought and never recovered from the fight, so he stopped coming around.

The argument was about some chick. My buddy had shown interest in this girl who was in my chemistry class. She came home with me one day to study and they sort of hit it off. I say sort of, cause I really didn't care one way or the other. I didn't like her. I just wanted someone to help me with calculations and equations. However my buddy was quite smitten with her. He would ask me to ask her to study or to go out with us. Sometimes she met us out, sometimes she didn't.

One day my buddy invited his friend to be the wing man. I guess he didn't feel I was doing my duty to push the relationship forward. I thought she was disinterested. So the other guy came. She seemed more interested in him. After a few drinks, he lost sight of his wingman goal and flew in a different direction. The next day a fight errupted. Words were said. I actually think they acted like two chicks on a reality show. I rarely saw the ex-wingman again.

Forward to today...I ran into this guy and his five-year-old son in a mall. He was in town for a conference and had brought his family with him. I would have walked by him had he not screamed "let's go Mountaineers". It had been awhile since I've seen him, so he would have just been a face in the crowd. We talked for a bit, exchanged numbers, email addresses and then said our good-byes. He didn't once mention my roommate.

Neither guy got the chick. Neither one even got to hold her hand. But unknowingly she destroyed a friendship. I guess it doesn't only happen on "Afterschool Specials" and reality shows.

Saturday, September 01, 2007


I just finished watching a tennis match between Maria S and a new comer (well she wasn't exactly a new comer, she was ranked number 30). Really good match--in fact there was an upset. Did you watch it Phats?

Last year sometime, I think it was Connie that posed the question could grunting during a tennis match be considered a form of cheating. Today, after hearing the players grunt, I was quite annoyed. The sound made me lose my concentration and I wasn't even playing. I was watching while doing some other stuff around the house. It really was a horrid sound, so much so that I turned the volume down on the television so I wouldn't have to endure it anymore.

I commented on Connie's blog that sometimes the grunts came from exerting some effort to hit the ball and sometimes from exhaustion. However, it seemed that some of the players were grunting even while serving or returning the ball. This I found peculiar. I have never played a tennis player of the championship caliber. I did play in high school and had even won the regionals one year. This level of competition isn't however the same as say world renowned playing level. So if I grunted back then it was only to keep myself from cursing.

So I now pose Connie's question to you--do you think the grunting is a form of strategy or just from mere exhaustion.