Shaken Not Stirred

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Last Minute Christmas Excursions

I still have a headache from my trip to the mall yesterday. I was there to do some almost last minute Christmas shopping. The lines were horrible. The sales were not really sales--for the most part I think they were just regular sales, but the holly and pine cones surrounding the signs made them more appealing or seem like real deals.

I don't know why I get grumpy when I'm at the mall. Maybe it's because I don't like shopping. I do however like getting gifts for people. Maybe yesterday was more tiresome because I waited in register lines forever!!!! Because when I did get home and I was organizing all these gifts, I got a bit excited about the prospect of giving them to my friends, family and loved ones. I can't wait to see the smiles on their faces.

I think next year, I will just start early. I sort of started early this year. Whenever I would see something that I thought would make the perfect gift, I would store the idea in my Treo. Next year, I will just make the purchase right then and there. It will save me from having to go through the shopping rush again.

I think some eggnog will help me get over this mood.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Slow Down, You Will Cause An Accident

I have never understood why people go faster than the speed limit. Yesterday I witnessed two accidents waiting to happen. Accident waiting to happen number one was some guy in a flatbed truck weaving his way in and out other cars going the speed limit. He was going faster than a flatbed double wide extended truck should be going. Why this man felt the need to go this fast was beyond me. I don't think he was going to the hospital, as he completely by-passed that exit. And it didn't look like he was being chased.

In accident waiting to happen number 2, a woman was on a cell phone, going pretty fast and she turned onto a "do not enter" one way traffic street. I think because she was on her cell phone, probably talking about new shoes (yeah, I know...pretty bad an assumption) she was oblivious to the two do not enter signs that were posted. I saw and heard her come to a screeching halt when she realized what she had done. Afraid that she would smash into me, I stopped my car and waited for her to correct her mistake. She stayed on the phone the whole time.

The only time I think it's fun to go this fast is on some Xbox games. Other than that, I'm scared of going through my windshield face first.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Music With Many Voices

One of the first Christmas songs I heard for the season was the song with the chorus "ring Christmas bells"--where the choir sings in unison and then each singer weaves the different verses in a way that sort of blends, but at the same time drown one another out.

While listening to it and fighting back the start of a migraine, I remembered someone trying to describe to me what hearing voices was like. This person said that sometimes the voices spoke in unison, with a common theme/argument. Other times, they spoke all at the same time, trying to drown one another out. I wonder if it sounded anything like this song.

For the most part I love Christmas music. I have a huge collection of different artists and varied interpretations of the many classics. This song however is not one that I have ever enjoyed. I do however enjoy seeing an older cast of comediennes from SNL make fun of it.