Shaken Not Stirred

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Our Future

Aaron from Outdoor Living wrote an awesome post about the things that make him smile. In in and I quote he said "The way a small child catches your eye and when they notice you looking at them, they wave" was one of the things that made him smile.

I have always felt that children are our best assets to a better future. This is the very reason that I've always held teachers in high regard. They have the ability to form the backbone of our tomorrow. They have the ability to create the desire for our children to reach for the stars, to bring those stars down to our level and let us bask in the glow of it's light.

Whenever a child catches my attention, I've always made sure to smile back. A smile is contagious and gets passed on from person to another quite quickly.

The image that Aaron gave me with that that made me smile.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Thunderstorms And Shadows

There was a mini thunderstorm here today. I don't know what it is about thunderstorms that turns me into a small quivering child. A whimpering, wanting to hide under the covers four year old.

It brought back flashes of growing up, our house being in front of a huge forest and looking out the back window and seeing the mangled shapes of these trees against the dark purple backdrop of the sky. I remember my imagination running wild with thoughts of Bigfoot emerging and breaking down the back French doors and eating my siblings and I.

Anyway, the short thunderstorm gave me an excuse to put down my First Aid book and turn on the television, pop in the Jackass the Movie DVD and laugh. And it worked. No bad thoughts. Only good ones.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Disturbing Behavior

I heard something on the radio this morning that disturbed me to the point of almost tears. A man had called into the radio station and told a story of violence.

He said talked about how his home was broken into and how his wife was beaten within an inch of her life. His wife was now in a coma and doctors had no idea if she would wake from it.

How does a person get to the point of having no compassion for another human? How can someone so desperate for money or with greedy intentions harm someone, beat someone? I shudder at this very thought.

Our news is plagued with violent crimes like this. And it seems like some of the criminals are getting younger and younger. I remember seeing a story about a high schooler who shot another classmate over an argument. The victim ended up dying. The shooter asked the court for leniency because he was sorry. I sometimes wonder if they are truly sorry for acting out of rage or are they sorry because they got caught.

It baffles me that someone could physically or even mentally hurt another person.

What has happened to the golden rules?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Who Says You're Talented

Someone needs to tell some of these people that jiggling your chest and belly isn't a talent. Seriously, who puts these people through to the final stage of getting up in front of a studio audience as well as a television audience? And you know that they're going to get buzzed and you know that the judges aren't going to put them through any further. But how did they get up that far? And you can't say that it's for lack of better talent, because I know that millions of people vote for this.

It's like those singers that get to perform for the final three judges. I had heard that there are several processes to get to the final stage of the three judges. So how do some people make it that far. And no wonder they get perturbed when turned down. All along the way they were probably told they could sing.

Anyway, really, I know that some of these talents are just pursuing their dreams. They believe they could sing, dance, balance poodles on their heads. That's fine. Somewhere out there, someone believes them too. But is it necessary to bring them on televisiona nd then humiliate them? To persecute them rudely? But then again, by putting themselves in front of judges they are asking for it.

I'm just wondering why season after season I get sucked into it all. And then bitch about it later like I'm doing right now.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


I attended a medical conference this weekend. I haven't sat through 7 hours a day of lectures in quite awhile. But some of my classmates and I thought we'd go and learn about some new treatment modalities.

Surprisingly I was able to remain awake for all fourteen hours of the two day conference. More surprisingly I understood everything that was being lectured. Surprisingly I was able to talk to other colleagues about my opinion concerning the new drugs on the market and whether or not I felt they would be effective. I didn't ramble and I think I made sense when I talked about them.

I'm wondering when this change happened. And I'm wondering when the light bulb went on.

I remember growing up and attending conferences with my father. I would listen to him talk to his colleagues about the conference and thinking wow, these people are smart. I never thought I would come to this point in time, even during first year of medical school. It seemed like I woke up Friday morning with this new mind...or rather it developed during the morning lectures.

It was fun!! My very first conference!! I'm a big kid now!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Copying You

I never understood the need for a band or anyone else to cover a song made famous by another band or singer. Yeah it's fun in a karaoke sort of way, but to re-record the song and put it out makes no sense to me.

I often feel that the band doing the cover is riding the coat tails from the fame of the original song.

Granted, I've heard really good covers and have even enjoyed a cover band in some bars. But what happened to originality? I think this is why music has begun to bore me. I haven't heard new music that I like and I'm bored with the old music that I liked.

Someone come up with something new!