Shaken Not Stirred

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Grocery Shopping

I went and did my groceries the other day. And since I'm limiting my carb intake, there really wasn't much I could buy. I mean there is the meat department. I'm not a caveman though and really meat isn't something that I crave. So aside from the mandatory turkey bacon and turkey slices, there wasn't much in the way of that department.

I wandered down one diet aisle. I got a six pack (actually a four pack) of SlimFast muck, with only 2 carbs per serving. You see I have to go back on this diet because I fell off it while at Kaplan. Once I started munching on carbs I became ravenous and just ate all kinds of these things--chips, fries, pizza, Cadbury Eggs (these things are the bomb--I think I ate like two a day), ice cream. Meanwhile my study buddies Omar, Roshni and Saint said nothing to me about my ever expanding chin. They just fed me (DON'T FEED THE FREAK). Well Roshni did, she always brought a snack to our questions and answers session. So I gained tons of weight, which I'm now regretting and trying desperately to lose.

Like I said, I've hopped the treadmill. This I think is actually working. I feel better about myself--something about sweating profusely makes me feel good--like I've done something productive. When I would take my "walks" around the neighborhood, I didn't feel good. I didn't sweat enough. I would go three miles around the block--ample exercise, but since salt, potassium and other electrolytes didn't ooze out of my pores, I didn't consider it exercise. You have to sweat and have those circle patches under your arms, on your back and around your chest, before it's considered exercise. So this is taking some of the pudge off. The rest I'm going to have to amputate. Where did all this come from? I know what it's made of...Cadbury Eggs, Herr's Hot Chips, Cheetoes and chips and salsa! That's what it's made of. Oh yeah and those late night orders of Chinese food that Omar liked so much.

Back to my grocery shopping. I did however aquire some Atkins yogurt, Keebler makes some 2gm of carb cookies, Slim Jims, turkey bacon, salad mix and Ben and Jerry's have a Karb Karma!

I think they need to make a Low Carb grocery store.

Unitl another thought pops into my head!

Friday, June 25, 2004

$5 $5, Me Love You Long Time

I watched Margaret Cho's stand-up routine last night on the Sundance channel. Man is this woman hilarious. I love her! I even loved her short-lived sit-com The Margaret Cho show. Anyway, somewhere during her routine she talked about being in Asia, I think Bangkok is what she said, and the street vendors selling sex on the street by yelling out things like "Vagina playing ping-pong or vagina drinking beer". Very hilarious skit.

Now to my point. It reminded me of a time when I was in medical school on the islands. One of my classmates was celebrating his birthday and decided to show the American students what was available for less than $10--which is a pretty steep price once converted. He took us for a ride to some darkened street. He came to slow stop, opened his window, well cracked it I should say and then beeped his horn (morse code style). This skinny man came out and asked "what?", quite rudely. The birthday boy explained that we wanted to see some girls. All of them...

The man snapped his fingers and a long line of girls came out from nowhere--like genies from a bottle. My classmate then turned on his headlights and these girls pranced around in cattle formation in front of the car. My guesstimate was about 80 girls (ranging in age from 18 to 22). My classmate then tuned up the radio and yelled dance! And like cattle, these girls started shaking their hips all staring at the headlights and whispering to no one in particular, "I want you..I need you..I got to have you" rhythmically. It was quite a show. My buddy then pointed to one, handed the guy some money (the exchange rate put it at about 8 dollars), and the girl came to the door. She looked in the car, was not at all freaked out by seeing 4 guys in the car, and said "Move over". She got into the car with us and we took off.

I had no idea what part of town we were in, since the furthest I've gone off campus was the mall. He drove about ten more minutes and then came to this huge wall. The gates of the wall opened (once again to the tune of three horn blasts) and a guard came and asked what we wanted. My classmate told him a room to which he then took some money (approximately 10 dollars) and showed us to a garage door, which he opened and then closed once we were inside. So much for having paparazzi take our pictures. We fumbled thru the dark garage and found some stairs at the top of which was a room with a bed, a television (which for some reason only played porn, a boom-box, and a bathroom. The girl then asked "what do you want". My buddy said "dance for me and my friends". He turned on the boom-box and she danced. I don't know how long for, cause I was still in shock at only spending $18. When she was done, another buddy said he was going to stay behind and "take her home", we piled into the car, left the garage and headed back to the dorms.

Can't imagine what she would have done for $20....

Until another thought pops into my head...

Thursday, June 24, 2004

The Nerve....

I was listening to one of the local radio stations here in Charleston, West Virginia. The D.J. had played a song and then commented that the singer was one of the acts from a past Regatta festivity. He then went on to say, that this singer was cool, but, and I quote "so obviously a lesbian". What the? What kind of comment is that to make? I was thinking, and you are so obviously a jerk.

I can't believe the things that come out of some people's mouths. Some people obviously don't think before they speak. Is it so hard to just moderate what one says, especially if they have the responsibility of an audience. And this was said during prime drive time. Not only during prime drive time, but a time when some teenagers or children might be listening. Just not responsible journalism. Can he actually get in trouble for such a comment? Can his mouth get washed out with soap? Will someone wash his mouth out with soap?

I can remember when saying "stupid" was a big deal. A word that my parents hated. We were also forbidden to say "shut-up". I've gotten tobasco sauce placed on my tongue for uttering such "vile" words. They were usally aimed at my sister for something she did, that she thought she could get away with cause she was an only girl. Never-the-less, I still rarely use those words, except in a joking manner. But never use them to be critical or in a deragatory manner.

Anyway, did anyone else out there hear this comment? Or was it cause my mind was wandering while waiting for the light to change to green and I thought I heard it.

Until another thought pops into my head...

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Raindrops on Roses

We've had so much rain lately, I almost expect some sort of daily shower. It's almost like clockwork here in Charleston, West Virginia. Around 5p.m. the sky gets dark and grey. Then there is a tremendous amount of water poured over the city--it's almost like some giant child is playing with a planter thing and emptying it over Kanawha County. It's a lot of rain. After a few bolts of lightening, the skies clear and then the sun shines like nothing happened.

In a way it's like a child's anger. A small whimper is let out and then a tantrum is thrown. A lot of crying and a lot of thumps on the floor. And then as soon as it comes, it goes. Have you ever watched a child throw a tantrum? Some of them are scary. I've seen one child throw tantrums in which punches are thrown and he yells almost like an adult. It's so scary it makes me cringe and wonder what this child is going to be like as an adult. He's almost a misfit of some sort. I've seen him throw his tantrum several times at gatherings and social events. I wonder how freaked out the parents are. I'm not that close to his parents, well close enough to pry about their feelings concerning their child's outbursts. But if I were them, I would compeltely be embarassed.

I wonder what you are suppose to do about situations like this. One of my friends has a sister who uses Dr. Spock to bring up her child. At one time, she went to comfort this child after he received parental scolding, the child's response? "Please leave me alone with my happy thoughts", said thru sniffles. What? What on earth? It's laughable, but almost more scary than the temper tantrum ridden child. And this temper child, let's call him Monster, is very scary. I'm scared of him. He had one birthday party where he announced he didn't like some of his presents. All this at the tender age of three. I know, I'm concentrating on this one child, but he is scary.

I'm thinking about all this because I am seriously considering pediatrics or child psychiatry as a career. I'm getting ready to take my board exams and it's down to the wire. Pediatrics or psychiatry. On one hand, psychiatry would be great. I love to talk and love to hear stories. On the other hand--it could be really depressing. Pediatrics could be really fullfilling because I love children and have this desire to create healthy attitudes in children, which will hopefully carry into their future--thus eliminating sick people everywhere. Ha! Then doctors would all be out of their jobs. Not a good thing, but our job is to keep people healthy.

Anyway, just thought I would write down my thoughts. It's one of them that popped into my head anyway. Unless you want to hear explanations of the Q-bank questions that I did.

Until another thought pops my way...

Monday, June 21, 2004

What's Your Color?

Today I've been in almost complete seclusion. Except for my family, I've relinquished contact with the outside world. I'm doing this in order to maximize my study time. And I think in a few simple hours, I may have already gone crazy.

My only solace is these blog pages and my cell phone. However, I vowed not to make any calls until after nine. I can however receive calls from Kaplan related people. So when my friend Roshni Shah called, I was ecstatic! My mouth must have run a million miles an hour and I don't think I talked about anything really relavent. Very much like talking to my buddy Saritha. I mean we did talk about Kaplan stuff and Kaplan people, but nothing that will significantly alter my exam grade. I did however throw myself into a panic when I learned that she was doing better on her practice exams, while I think I may have deteriorated in my exam taking ability. I was doing so well at the end of my Kaplan course, with drill seargent Omar Khan yelling at the top of his lungs and Saint Adeogba sweetly drawing her memory pictures for us to relate. This pictures were awesome. She needs to put out a book entitled "Picasso for Medical Students". It would be a best selling item--watch out First Aid!

I've upped my vitamin intake. I'm practically peeing green, I'm taking so many vitamins. I've got Vitamin C, calcium, Vit E, gingko biloba, and some other energy boosting something or other. I think also the fact that I'm drinking Red Bull and Slim Fast (for the carb conscious dieter) that my urinary excretion is the color that it is--a almost shiny flourescent lime green (the kind of color that old VW beetles are). Very interesting shade. I wish my IPod were that color--but it's white, covered by this Jade Green Iskin that I bought. But the vitamins are to help enhance my immune system, since I'm putting it under so much strain, mainly mental.

I've done almost 150 questions. And I'm not scoring that well. Maybe it's cause I'm tired. Maybe I over analyze, but whatever the reason--(I think it just comes down to, I don't know my stuff), I have to get on the ball. I've got less than a month left. I'm not going to post-pone. I'm going to be strong and just take it!

Until another thought comes my way!

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Stuck In A John Hughes Film

Yesterday, my niece Isabella Joy was baptized. My family threw a party for the occasion. Her Godfather, my brother's best friend since forever, Brent flew into town for the occasion. I can't remember a time when Brent wasn't a part of our household. At my brother's wedding, part of his bestman speech went something like this..."I was always considered the tallest Filipino and Jay was always considered the Lebanese with the shortest nose".

Anyhow, during the course of the night, a round of reminiscence started. We talked about things we had done in the past and things that we remembered about each other. Brent brought up his most vivid memory of me showing my "hatred" for at least one of my brother's friends. I do remember playing this immature game. My only explanation to him was that I was stuck in a bitter, brooding state, lost in a world and imitating characters created by John Hughes. I joked that his saving grace was his sister Christy, who I still to this day adore. I don't know what compelled me to be mean to him or any of my brother's friends. They are still very much a part of my brother's life as well as any family gathering we have (whenever they are in town--Brent has moved to Florida, David has moved to Philadelphia, Alex to Chicago (although, he never got any mean brunt), Rob has moved to somewhere--but he still does show up at big gatherings).

I think this was just part of the sibling rivalry, which I am not sure ever resolved itself. There is still a little tension that erupts, especially whenenver Jay (my brother) talks to me. Or when I hear his voice. It just flicks this certain switch that triggers automatic headaches and nerve wracking, nauseating, stomach turning, emotions. But I still must say, that I love my brother more than anything else in this world (except of course for his children, which I do care for more). It's just that we are completely two different people. I guess it will always be that way, I think.

But I must say that his choice in friends has somewhat redeemed his character. These are really great people. I guess my past dislike for them was default by association. However, thru the years as I got to know them my feelings for them have changed. They are actually great persons. So I guess this makes my brother a great person by association. Something from them must have rubbed off on my brother, although I can't quite see it yet. Maybe I'm not looking correctly, or looking with preconceived notions that a person never changes.

None-the-less it was good to see everyone again. And it will be good to see everyone again and again and again.

Till another thought pops into my head

Friday, June 18, 2004

A Smile With Your Coffee

I went to Joe's Muggs at Books A Million in Charleston, West Virginia today. Quite a change from studying in my room. Certainly more to see on my hourly 10 minute breaks.

One person in particular caught my attention. She was the coffee chick who worked the shift while I poured over my Kaplan books and learned the different treatments for gastro problems and also emergency medicine. This person had so much energy. She smiled even when bombarded with long lines of customers. And thru the course of the day, I learned (well overheard) from her conversation with other customers that she was a mother, a student and held two jobs. Wow, I was in awe! Here I am, trying to not to panic about an exam that happens in a month,with basically no other worries, but to pass this exam. And there are times when my mood actually shows this worry. But this coffee chick really didn't let anything sway her good mood. And she had energy to boot! Lots of energy! I really want to write a letter to Joe's Muggs or Books A Million and commend their choice to hire her! Mucho Kudos to her!

Now, I think that I will be spending more time studying there! I really got a lot done. I mean a lot!!!!

Until another thought pops into my head!

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Current Events

After reviewing my knowledge about current events, I decided to start watching "Fox and Friends" in the morning, while doing my hour of treadmill. Yesterday while surfing the net, I was more interested in the "odd" news findings. News like one man's insurance policy for his chest hair. I actually clicked on the news story and read--can you believe it. I would place the site here, but since I'm technologically impaired, unlike my friend Mondeep, I can't give you the magic carpet ride to the site. But I'm sure if you place a search for chest hair+insurance policy, you will find it. Other news that I clicked on and read were about the Aussie McDonald's outrage against the "Super Size Me" film. One little interesting news bit--a man actually knocked over a little boy in the Texas Rangers game to retrieve a foul ball. He pushed a four-year-old child (I think his name was Matt and the little boy is Nick O'Brien). You see, news like this I read. I should be reading something more interesting or at least something that will help me play Jeopardy.

This morning was my first trial run. I hopped onto the treadmill and turned on "Fox and Friends". I felt better. The focus was on the war. And I was horrified to find that an American citizen was being held captive and his captors threatened to kill him if other prisoners of war weren't released. It must be agonizing for his family to watch. Has it really come to this? A life for a life? A cat and mouse sort of game. It's pathetic that these people can so readily kill a person, so easily diminish the value of life. The whole thing makes me sick--their suicidal bombings and selfish acts of terrorism. What satisfaction will they get or what kind of power are they gaining by committing such brutal tactics. Nothing!

So maybe this might be why I don't tune into "real" news. It's terrifying. But I think that I need to see this, to see what I will hope to never become. And to also realize how fortunate I am.

Until another thought pops in...

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

So Much Time, So Little To Do

Have you ever noticed that when you have lots of time, you don't have anything to do? But you have lots to do, you don't have any time?
Right now, I'm crunched for time. I take my Step Two USMLE on July 15th. As of today, I've got one month. The exact same amount of days that I spent in Kaplan, preparing for this exam. By the way, kudos to Kaplan for teaching me more in one month than I learned before. I now understand concepts which once baffled me or were just memorized concepts. This seems like a pretty good amount of time to prepare. However, little things keep coming my room, a grocery list, a shower. You name it, it's there on my to do list.
I wish I could isolate myself from the world, become self-sufficient--meaning I don't have to eat or sleep, talk to people or do anything but study. But I can't. The human body needs sleep, nutrition and rest. I'm also a pretty social being who needs a little bit of contact with other people (Gosh I miss Saritha). I'm doing a pretty good job of isolation. I mean I have managed not to answer my cell phone, unless it's a fellow med student--then I can talk to then, cause they would understand my mood swings, temperament and cutting the conversation short. It's almost as if, any sort of intrusion is an unwanted "solicitated" phone call. A painful moan erupts from your diaphragm when you have to deal with these interuptions. I just now got a phone call--caller i.d.="unknown". It was a Donald from the Publisher's Service. Before he could explain, I hung up. Pissed me off. The only reason I answered was because sometimes Saritha uses phone cards and that's the way it appears.
Anyhow, I'm slowly assimilating myself into an oblivion. So if I don't answer a phone call or if I'm not seen in public until September, I'll be reading Goljan's review book or doing questions from Conrad Fischer's Internal Medicine Question Book (which by the way is a really good book to learn from as well as test your knowledge about medicine in general). My favorite however is the Prescription for the Boards. It's short, sweet and to the point. Not a lot of bullocks about it.
Until another thought pops into my head!

Monday, June 14, 2004

Unread Email

How the hell do some of these companies get my email address? I know that I didn't fill out any forms asking for their solicitations. And some of their products, ads, gifts are so absurd.
For example, I've been getting letters promoting cheaper Viagra, Viagra subsitutes, organic Viagra, Viagra for women and Viagra that last longer than 24 hours. First of all, I know there isn't anything with the stiffening process down there. So I know I don't need viagra. Although, one of my friends from my Kaplan class said he would like to try the viagra thing because it makes it stiffer or last longer or something. If they are advertising for that reason, then maybe I can understand. But if they've read my profile, I'm not part of the census that would need an erector set.
And while we are on the topic of penises, I don't need an enhancement. Well, I probably do, haven't measured against anyone yet. But how do these people know or have the tact to bring something like that up? Curiously I opened one of these letters. The contraption looked like something from Dr. Frankenstein's clinic. It was this tube thing with wires attached. I was too afraid to read how it worked--whether electrical or not. Can you imagine getting your rooster shocked? It might not crow anymore. I shudder to think about anyone putting their thing in there. Even if it was just an airpump of some sort. I think it would seem to enhance girth cause of course, anyone sticking their thing in a hole with some sort of suction happening is bound to get stimulated and hence a little bit of filling out would happen--which leads into another topic I will cover sometime I'm sure.
Now, I also don't need to redo my mortgage. I haven't even purchased a house yet. But still Suzy Flogs or Adam Kertz are offering me ways to lower my mortgage rates. Where did these mortgage brokers even get my name? I know that my father and I have the same name. Anyhow, if they looked at his profile, they would note that his home is paid off. These people need to do some readjusting on their client list or their target audience.
I also don't need drugs from Canada. What the hell? Why would I get prescription drugs on the internet. Didn't Rush Limbaugh get in trouble for that? I'm sure I remember something about him and pain killers and the internet. Who in their right minds would buy something like that on the internet? I can understand buying an IPod, books, games and even a car (my cousin won a porsche on an Ebay auction). But these are things which aren't going into your system. And if they didn't work, well tough. But to put a drug into your system and taking the chance that Dr. Lowprice is not skimping on the quality is way too risky. I think I will stick to CVS or Rite Aid.
There are many other things I don't need, but get bombarded with ads for. I think those are just some of the top items that have been continually thrown into my email box. I have tried unsubscribing, but these letters seem to still find me. What to do...
Until another thought pops into my head...

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Personal Testimonies

Recently one of my cousins became a salesperson/spokesperson for one these make-up companies. She is one of the most hilarious persons I know. She is aggressive without shoving it in your face. We met up at my cousin's house blessing.

Anyway, she is selling make-up and will one day hope to drive one of those pink cadillacs (I really can't see her driving it. I would hope not anyway). She was explaining the make-up to us (I use some of the men's skin managment products--I started using it years before she became involved). Anyway, I kep laughing or rather she and I kept laughing because we made fun of the people that really get into the sales pitch. You know the ones that would say things like, "Not only am I salesperson, but I'm my own biggest client. All the money I make, goes right back into the company. I swear, the whole reason I work is so I could afford to buy the products. Hehe!". Now those salespeople make me puke.

I see these people and they are like, "I've noticed such a change in my skin. I use to have really ugly acne and just three different dimensions--oily, dry and patchy. Now my skin is clear and there aren't any changes in terrain. See, feel, run your fingers over my skin. How did that feel? My spouse completely loves the new me. They just love kissing my smooth cheek/clean shaven/soft/creamy/silky/unblemished face. It's envigorating. One time I was out with my daughter and people actually thought we were sisters (we'll I didn't tell them that I had her when we lived in the trailer park and I was 12). But still to get such a compliment after having 7 children. It's nice. So if you'll just sign here for the full supply of products and we can charge you only 7 simple payments of $19.99 plus shipping and handling, state tax if you are a resident of Oregon, then you too can have the same simple life that I have.

Until another thought comes my way....

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Much Ado About Nothin

There must be something wrong with me. I'm more interested in the lives of Hollywood than I am about daily news. I mean I still care about the more important matters--the government, the war and any national disasters. If you want to hold my attention, talk about Julia Robert's having twins, the recent J.Lo ceremony.

A few weeks ago, Macaulay Caukin was on Larry King Live. And he talked about pretty much normal agonizing growing pains. His parents split up, his father was horribly strict, he didn't see himself communicating with his father soon, etc..etc... I guess since his life seemed to be fairytale-like, this was pretty shocking to me. But also very interesting. I opted to watch this show rather than the evening news, stapling my ass to the seat.

What does irk me about the media is their lack of tact when it comes to reporting the "news". More than reporting what they really should be reporting, they are reporting the things that will ruin lives. Yes, we all like to hear about quickie divorces on tropical islands and million dollar wedding designs. I don't think we need to hear about the affairs, the rehab stints and the mugshots. It doesn't really prove anything but Hollywoood stars are people.

I'm getting bored with this topic, so I'll stop until another idea pops into my head.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

That Seinfeld Episode

I saw the Seinfeld episode where the topic was masturbation--the group had a bet going to see who could go the longest without pleasuring themselves. I remember when the episode first aired and my friend Simi said her mother was so offended that she swore off Seinfeld forever. Seeing the show tonight reminded me off all the talks that my friends and I had about touching ourselves.

No one really came right out and openly talked about it. But everyone made references to the deed. The words "the deed" were used for anything from fornication with a partner, oral deeds,to lubing up ones palms and doing the friction slide. But we usually knew what one was talking about. One reference my buddy used after watching the strip scene in "True Lies" was "I feel a few ounces lighter". I had noticed he was taking a longer than normal pee break. And why on earth was he doing this while J.L.Curtis was dancing? His explanation was enough. No details necessary.

Not only did we talk about it, but one friend's girlfriend had said, she would never bother to clean the bathroom again. She said there were some very hard to get out spots. I wonder if Mr.Clean makes a detergent for something so sticky. Does draino unclog those sinks?

No more thoughts in my head. Gotta clean it out now.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

The Immaculate Collection

Recently fellow blogwriter Mondeep, went to a Madonna concert. This inspired me to break out my old Immaculate Collection and listen to it while on the treadmill. Lots of great exercise music. It starts off with Holiday, a great warm-up song. Get's all the juices flowing.

Since there was nothing on television to watch while on the treadmill, I just listened to Madonna's album and used my memory to serve as visual images. Usually I listen to music and have Spike Television as another form of stimulation. Since I was a big Madonna fan at one point in my life, I was able to conjure up the images of her past videos, concert clips and performances. The only video I had some trouble remembering was Vogue--so while this song played, I used the pics that Saritha had shown me of her and Mondeepo--their amature modeling session. Great montage for that song. It worked.

Mondeep had said that Madonna's concert was more tame than it use to be. I think that it's cause she doesn't have to do all the media shocking tactics anymore. She's pretty well respected as an artist. She has lasted thru two decades, and she has a following from all age groups. My niece knows who she is because of her book, "The English Roses". It's one of her favorite books. My parents know who she is because of my many teen posters that use to cover my wall. She is an icon.

Until another thought pops in my head...

Monday, June 07, 2004

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

I made it back from my trip to Baltimore. Travelling with children is easy, as long as you keep them fully entertained. On my roadtrip with my newphew Xavier, he was quiet as long as Bob the Builder was on the DVD. But not the full episode, he just wanted the theme song to continually play. It became so repetitive and almost hypnotic that I felt like I was part of the experiments from A Clockwork Orange. But it kept him quiet, so I endured the torture.

Going to and coming from Baltimore, I rode with my cousins and two small children--Anthony (my Godson) and his sister Victoria. Victoria (two years old) and I have a little game going. I do my Mr. Thurston Howell (Gilligan's Island) accent for her and we play. She is completely fascinated by this accent. I sat with Victoria for the whole course of both trips. So this accent was in play for almost ten hours this weekend. At one point, the accent was so familiar that during my prayer for a safe trip, I closed the prayer using this accent. I'm sure God knew what I was doing. Plus He already knows my unstable, on-the-brink of insanity mentality. But this accent works during her fits of terror at being strapped down in a kiddie chair. These made for safety straight-jackets are just not kiddie friendly.

I realized that I don't much care for travel, not matter what the circumstances. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy being in other cities, but I don't like the means of getting there. When I travelled to Rutherford, New Jersey a few months ago, I went by train. HATED IT! Almost fourteen hours on a train. This is not fun. What is worse is being shifted from seat to seat to accomodate whole families that travel by this Old West method. I opted for the train, cause I have a great fear of flying. I think the fear stems from the 9/11 incidents. Just when I had made plans to go back by train, my Kaplan roomie Omar reads to me the crash of Amtrack enroute from New Orleans to Chicago. This accident, on top of the fact that I didn't like being on this shaky, noisy, no permanent seat address, little Choo Choo that could, made me purchase a plane ticket ( a way to go. They have amazing prices. Plus they are user friendly). The plane ride wasn't as bad as I thought or had perceived it being. Since the ride was short, I didn't swallow the Tylenol PMs I'm accustomed to taking for plane rides.

One thing that scares me about airplanes is these are huge things! I mean really large vehicles. The wings are not flapping so how they get up in the air and stay there mystifies me (no, no engineering replies or explanations will do--it's beyond my scope of understanding). And when they are up there, how do they know where to go? It's not like there are signs that say "Yeager Airport, Charelston, West Virginia, next landing. Beging descent now). So the whole travel by plane is one huge enigma to me. Overall it's the best option though--the quickest and by Travelocity, convenient and affordable. Travelocity, my new friendly neighborhood travel agent!

Thanks for reading!

Friday, June 04, 2004

What A Feeling

Today was my Godchild Anthony's birthday party. He had it at this place called My Gym in Owing Mills, Maryland. Very cool place for a child to have a birthday party. And they played cool games, well games that looked cool. It's not about the Hokey Pokey anymore. I don't think kids today even know what putting a right arm in means. The place was an indoor jungle gym. They could do anything from climbing the wall to swinging across the room James Bond style.

The two girls running the place were on some sort of amphetamine and hallucinagenic. They had so much energy. Not only did they have energy, but they were young and barbie doll like. I know none of the father's there were bored. The chicks bounced up and down with the children, danced with them to remakes of modern songs (Skater Boy by Avril redone by a crew from Sesame Street) and showed their washboard bellys when the stretched to catch a falling child. Entertaining for everyone involved.

Later on, the party moved to my cousins house. As the night progressed, I realized that we have become our parents. The oldest child in the house was six. He was extremely uncomfortable watching his mother have a go at the Karioke--I can remember being slightly embarassed at my father's musical talents (he can play the piano, sax, violin all by ear). What I thought was lame as a teenager, became fun: having my go at the microphone (the song picked for me was "What A Feeling" from Flashdance). Out of tune and a little lightheaded, I still had fun belting out the song at the top of my lungs. Simon, Paula and Randy would be in I.C.U. now had they heard me.

Just like our parents, the mothers all settled on one side of the house and the fathers on another. Us single people strayed back and forth, not sure where we belonged. Had some tequila been available, I would have sung more tunes on the mike and would not have cared which side of the room I belonged.

But to answer Mondeep's question about the goodie bag. It was cool--the girls got wallet sets with mirrors, a comb and ring (all in glowing purples and pinks), Ring Pops and Shrek Fruit drops. The boys got harmonicas, yoyos and Shrek Fruit drops. It was a real goodie bag.

The other thing that made me think that we were becoming our parents was a comment made by my cousin Irene (the hostess). She said to one of her friends in reference to me, "he just graduated medical school, but doesn't act like a doctor yet. He's so fun. You'll love him". I can remember an aunt saying the same thing about my father when I was about six or seven and was starting to understand the adult conversation.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Technology Passes Me By

In the ever pursuit of a better connection for chatting, I asked one of my favorite blog writers Mondeep about Yahoo Messenger connections. I was told that good connections had to do with proper firewall configurations. Since she is an engineer, I consulted her about my fading in/out while chatting. She told me do something with the proxies and the firewall and such. I did. Let's hope it works. I trust her. Her advice about skipping CD's worked wonders on an almost trashable favorite album.

Now I prepare to go to Baltimore. My Godson, Anthony (the first male of my five Godchildren), will do his school birthday party. I'm in charge of goody bags. His father is stationed in Iraq (say a silent prayer for all of our soldiers). So I'm there to lend some moral support and also to try and win whatever is in the pinata! I'll just think about the upcoming USMLE exams while I swing. This should break that thing in half! I'll just imagine a multiple matching about obstetrics in front of me). But the party should be fun. Lots of ice cream, fruit roll-ups and ring-pops (those candy pops which look like the jewelry of Richie Rich's mom).

I'll let you know how pin-the-tail on the donkey goes tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Time Changes Nothing

I met up with a friend of mine, whom I haven't seen in years. We've been friends since we were two years old. Imagine that, building a friendship while learning to talk, tie your shoes and eat with utensils, going thru puberty, girlfriends, driver's licenses, college and for him marriage and three kids. For me? Going to medical school on a tropical island. It survived all those hurdles!

He's got three kids now. And I can see in each one of them a contribution from his personality. It's amazing! I'm still baffled by it all. When we were younger, I never thought our lives would take the routes they have taken. He was a bully--not a true bully, maybe just head strong. No not head strong, definitely a bully (but he didn't draw blood from any punches--he just left bruises). I have no idea what he thought of me. He did use the words "snobby uptight prep" a lot though. Maybe that is putting it delicately. He used other more descriptive and less flowery words. Descriptions which he sometimes got scolded for and even grounded for using. To this day, his vocabulary can sometimes use some censoring. But he's an awesome father. I see him with his children and the images of nuggies, rats tail whippings and head locks completely dissolve. And his kids are nothing at all like the obnoxious child he was. Although he did whisper that one of his kids tested new levels of patience.

The wild thing about everything is that he never really changed. Deep down inside, he is still the aggressive, overbearing buddy that use to climb trees with me (I'm not sure we really ever climbed them. We did however cut a few branches down to make a clubhouse), took tennis lessons with me (although we never played against one another, he knew I could beat him hands down) and discussed all the chicks who had crushes on him (the words male slut take on meaning with his past). He will always be my best friend, not matter where our journeys take us. Yes, this is the monumental cheese moment. And hopefully that will go until we once again in old age have to relearn to tie our shoes, eat with utensils and learn to balance ourselves all over again.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Out of Touch, Out of Time

I recently returned from a trip to New York City. I had left my laptop thinking it too bulky to bring along on such a short weekend trip and also cause I assummed that I would have computer access at the hotel. My assumption did not pay off (remember the teenage saying--"don't assume, you make an ass out of you and me). Well, to make a long story short, I could not access my blog to keep it updated and answer my email (although not as important since most people only forward jokes and chain-letters now). I think what hurt me the most, was an innability to read the news or to look up anything I heard during table conversation.

The reason for the trip was for my cousin's ordination into priesthood. My cousin Father Dave Sison is now a priest. And my family is so proud of him. There was a huge celebration and the Lord blessed us with a spectacularly beautiful day (not a cloud in the sky).

Now back to my selfish world or "it's all about me". I can't believe how out of touch I felt with the world. It's not like I have always had internet access. I use to read my morning newspaper on black and white printed recycled paper. If I wanted a late-breaking news report, I would turn on the television. Opinions were freely given during happy hour. Now, I feel better if I can look up the news on Google or by doing a web search. Without this access, I was lost the whole weekend. I had nothing to discuss with my fellow relatives and I felt like I was back on the islands for medical school.

Needless to say, I'm back. I won't ever let my laptop out of site. Unless of course, my family does decide to splurge and get me that Blackberry for my birthday. Hint!