Shaken Not Stirred

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's About the Way You Look

Circulating in the news today is the story about an employee having to lose weight in order to keep her job. I was a bit annoyed at this notion. Yes, I know that the establishment has a certain criteria to uphold. This establishment is known for their employee's looks. However, to demand that an employee lose weight may be a bit harsh.

I could understand helping them through encouragement or gentle (should I use that word as an adjective) criticism. I don't know. On one hand I want to say that there is a look that must be kept, on the other hand, it's kinda mean.

It's a bit shallow, but looks are money makers. Think about how much money super models make just to smile. The endorsements that a good looking person gets just to wear a certain brand of clothing.

I've always believed in the cliche, that beauty is skin deep. But skin deep doesn't always draw in the crowds. When we want to set up our friends with someone we know isn't hot, we always describe the person as "really nice, has a sense of humor, likable, or a great personality". But if the person is gorgeous, we say "you have to go out with them, they are hot".

Speaking of weight, I really need to start eating healthy again.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Some Truths

I was watching one of those design/make-over shows today. I find it fascinating that they can take a basic crap hole and turn it into something worthy of a magazine photo lay-out, all for under 1000 dollars. Every single time they show the owners the end result, it's always a resounding "Oh my gosh, I LOVE it".

I wonder how many times they have had to re-shoot when an owner actually says "What the frig". Or an owner that goes ballistic cause they've thrown away something they weren't suppose to, or turned a man-cave into a bedroom (try taking that away from some guy who needs it to escape family life). They never seem to show those reactions.