Shaken Not Stirred

Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat...Smell My Feet

I always love Halloween, more importantly I love having the excuse to buy all that candy (and extra so there is left-overs because nothing beats mixing Reese Peanut Butter Cups with vanilla ice cream--my last post had ice cream in it, didn't it). I always buy the mix that has the cups, Butterfingers and the likes of those candy bars. I also buy some sort of mix that has M&Ms too. And just case I buy gum....

Anyway, it's fun to see everyone all dressed up. There was one family tonight, where everyone was dressed as The Incredibles (parent's included). Fun.... everyone should get in on the fun for Halloween.

Am I being a bit prudish when I sometimes get annoyed that some older high school kids are going around with grocery bags trick or treating? It wouldn't be so bad if they were dressed up in some sort of costume, but there were several tonight that were not and still held pillow cases up asking for candy. One guy even had the nerve to say "yo, you gave that kid a handful and you are handing me one chocolate bar"? In my mind I said back "yo...that kid was five, said 'trick or treat' and then used his please and thank yous". But in reality I said, "Oh I'm sorry and handed and handful of chocolate to him instead".

So, am I being a Scrooge for thinking this way? I'm not trying to take the fun out of the celebration, but if you are going to join in, at least have the courtesy to courteous.

I'm getting old, aren't I?

Happy Halloween everyone!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

It Sounded Good

First of all thank goodness for TiVo. What would I have ever done without it?

Now, I was watching an episode of Entourage and decided to have a beer with it. It was The Tree Tripper episode. Pretty good mix right? Great television and a Blue Moon beer. Did I mention how awesome this show is?

Anyway, after I was done with the beer, I was craving something sweet...all I had that was sweet was those Swedish Fish gummy things and French Vanilla Ice Cream (wow just realized the international of those two choices). I decided to have the ice cream.

About ten minutes after I had finished the ice cream, my stomach felt funny. Not hurling chunks funny, but weird digestion issues funny.

I know it wasn't the show...although it does make me laugh hysterically. It was the combination of beer and ice cream. So I realized that Entourage=good, always good. Beer=good and ice cream=good. But beer+ice cream=belly ache.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Such a Shock

Why is it when a phone in reality show has someone they gave props to booted off the show, it's a shocker? HELLO! You are allowing the public to vote for someone to stay. There are times that I believe a majority of people vote for the worse, just to see how far they can keep a sucky constestant going. So tonight, when Kim got booted off the dancing show (I didn't watch, just saw the headlines when I checked my mail) I wasn't shocked. I just thought, she didn't get enough votes.

Nothing about reality television shocks me anymore.