Shaken Not Stirred

Thursday, March 31, 2011


I saw an old friend at a bookstore the other day. I recognized her after awhile. She walked in and I thought there was something familiar about her, but couldn't place her. She didn't see me because she was busy with four children, the youngest in her arms. The children's noise is what first made me look up and take notice.

After I had placed her, I thought I should go up and say hello. We did go to the movies together several times in junior high. We sat at the same lunchroom table. In high school, she her family had moved out of town, so we lost touch. I thought I should say hello, but then what would I say? Hello and then goodbye? So I kept my silence.

She never saw me, or at least I don't think she did.

What do you say to old friends, especially ones you haven't seen since junior high. There really isn't anything to talk about. And it isn't like we would become quick friends all over again and have dinner. One of our common friends Missy said that maybe she was new back in town and could use some old friends. But Missy is a chick, she's all about increasing her circle of friends (was that horrible for me to say).

Speaking of children, what did everyone think of the tennis player who lobbed a ball towards the crying child in the stands. On the flip side, what was a parent thinking bringing a small child to a tennis match?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

An Electronics Idiot

I love electronics. I love going to an electronics store just to browse and I will occasionally make a purchase. But I have yet to be able to use anything I own to it's fullest potential. My cell phone, my laptop and my tablet thingamajig are some of the things that I have yet to utilize fully.

I recently (well about two months ago) caved and bought one of those tablet things--and wouldn't you know, less then a year later (a few weeks ago) the company created an upgraded version. I'm not that mad--one of the only major differences is the addition of a camera. I don't plan on taking photos with it or doing any face to face conferences or chatting. I do have to say that it's probably one of the best purchases I have made in a long time. I haven't used my laptop in weeks because of it. But I am using my laptop now because I'm posting. I have yet to figure out how to use it to post. I have tried several times. I can enter a title..but it never lets me get to the writing a post portion of blogger. Maybe I'm missing a step. Or maybe I just don't know what I'm doing. I think it's a mix of the two.

I still hate that my links to many of the blogs I read are missing...gone forever, lost in cyberspace. They say to never post something on-line because it will forever be out there. And yet, my blog links are gone....

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Again Way Too Long

So yes, it has been another long stretch of absence. And not because I wanted to, but really because I keep forgetting to write. I've been busy, yeah yeah no excuse. Because I've really been busy doing nothing at all. Some of the things that have been occupying my time aside from work are--watching all the Scrubs episodes I've missed on-line through one of those on-line movie subscription sites (not going to name it because I know that it will get googled and people will end up reading my boring banter). I have also been watching other shows that I've missed in the past.

And I finally bought one of those tablet things (which I've been playing with a lot). In fact it has pretty much replaced my laptop. One of the things that has irked me however is that less than a year later, they have already updated adding a front facing and back camera. Not that I need one, I can't imagine holding this thing up and telling people to smile. I do use "words with friends" a lot on it...and every one of my friends has been kicking my butt on it. I have yet to win a game....and just five minutes ago I figured out, one doesn't really have to use a big word so much as to cover the tiles with higher scoring points. So much for my strategy. I thought that using a higher end vocabulary word would score one points. Not necessarily. Did you know that "qi" is a word which counts for many points especially when positioned on a certain tile. So now I need to regroup and start just throwing down letters onto high point tiles.

This time I mean it. I will be back more often...