Shaken Not Stirred

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm Getting Old

One of my friends twisted, well didn't twist so much as suggest that we go and watch a movie last week. The movie the group ultimately chose was "Twilight". I thought that maybe I would like it since so many people seem to be glued to these books and there were rave reviews.

I didn't enjoy it. Maybe it just wasn't for me. I was bored fifteen minutes into the film, during it, and the last fifteen minutes of it. Maybe I'm just getting old. Maybe I'm just a boring person. I don't know. But I didn't like it. The rest of the crew (mostly women) loved it. They thought the main character was good looking. They liked the love story. The liked the story in general.

That's just my two cents...and I know it isn't worth much.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

All This Energy

I'm watching the Gasquet vs Gonzales match of the Australian Open...and between the energy/enthusiasm of the players and the crowd, I'm feeling very energized. But I've no where to go with it. It's pretty cold outside and everyone I have called does not want to, or have the time to play some tennis.

I am a Gasquet fan...and when he injured his toe earlier in this set I thought that was it, it was over. But he's holding on. When he couldn't chase some of the balls earlier and Gonzales was pumping his fist, I thought to myself, how could you be proud of a victory by default/injury. But I guess a win is a win no matter how you got it.

I'm losing my train of thought because I'm writing between commericals and when they switch over to Nadal vs Haas. So I'm just going to stop writing now because I'm not sure why I was writing this post in the first place.

Monday, January 19, 2009

What Is Wrong With People

Today while getting some gas for my car, I watched in horror as the lady who parked beside my area of the station get out while smoking a cigarette. All I could think about was hurrying to finish and leaving. She actually continued to take a few more puffs before tossing the cigarette into the distant street (thank goodness no wind to blow it back).

Seriously, what is wrong with people? Do they really need the nicotine that badly or is their craving so deep that they lose mental capability?

The worse crime I think is when I see parents smoking in a car while their children/infants sit in the backseat. And to top that off, they don't roll the windows down because it's either winter or summer.

I know that smokers have certain rights. But what about safety and consideration for non-smokers?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Why Hackers?

Because Aaron asked me to update my blogroll, it was brought to my attention that temporarily, I can't. They are working out some issues they are having. So for now, my blogroll remains the same as it has for a couple months.

If you would like to know why, just click on Powered by blogrolling at the bottom of my blog links list. The people at the site keep everyone updated on the status of our ability to update, edit, and whatever else people do to their blog roll.

On a different note, while I write this I am watching television (yes, I can multi-task with some projects). There is an interview with some famous person. This person is chewing gum and I now realize how odd/strange talking to someone who is chewing gum can be. Maybe it's the way she is chewing, but I am quite annoyed. I changed the channel.

In another interview, another famous person (I am not placing their names so my site isn't hit by random searches) said that her biggest pet peeve was people who chew gum. I think I may agree. I guess it may be okay for some occasions. It isn't okay if you are speaking publicly or in a formal interview.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I was browsing in a bookstore yesterday and on display was this e-reader device. I was rather fascinated because this little handheld device (about the size of a trade book) could hold hundreds of books. If you are like me, you are reading several books at the same time. For me I'm reading a medical book, an autobiography about our incoming president and a fun novel. So lugging these all around in my messenger bag can get heavy.

I know, it's an electronic device and there is a correlation between testosterone and electronics. But it really is a fascinating device. Does anyone have this? Is it really that convenient, or will it just gather dust on my shelf after the novelty wears off?

The sales person even used the pitch that having this would be part of the "green" movement. Yeah, it will spare some trees. But there is a part of me that also wants to be able to hold the book too, have a tangible library. And is this the movement of the future? Are we going to be able to borrow books on-line?

I'm going to wait it see if I still want it in a few weeks. It is affordable...but I'm making myself wait and not do an impulse buy. Plus there are a few video games I would like to buy instead.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Um, Hello!

Hi guys....I've been a really bad blogger lately and it took Lindsey to point that out. Not that she did it in a mean or pushy way, but she reminded me to update.

I haven't been busy. I haven't actually been anything lately. Well lazy. That's the ticket, I've been lazy. I do have a lot to write about. I actually intended to write about some of the holiday mishaps and funny happenings. But by the time I got to my laptop, I had either had too much wine...or my cell phone rang....or I had forgotten what I was going to post about. Take your pick. All of them simultaneously happened on numerous occasions during the course of my absence.

But I'm glad that the holidays are over. The Office will be up and running soon with new episodes. Also Life On Mars, which I somehow gotten attached to will be back. It was hard to follow at first, but once I started following, it was like the electric slide, you kinda knew where to go next (what the heck was that comparison---and I'm not drinking any wine right now).

I hope you guys had a happy holiday...and I will be easier to track in 09!!