Shaken Not Stirred

Friday, November 27, 2009

A Different Purge

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Once again, thanks to my brother-in-law, we had two awesome deep fried turkeys on the table!! And he hit the yum buttons with these delicacies.

So now, after stuffing myself senseless, eating like I've never eaten before (hey, I usually only have pecan pie this time of year) and scarfing down every side dish imaginable, I find myself still feeling like I could throw up. I guess this is how many people gain approximately 15 pounds over the holidays. They just eat. And it doesn't really seem like you are eating when you are in a social situation. You converse, only to take a breather from conversing to fill your plate again. Several times I didn't even realize that I had eaten because I was either listening intently to someone recap their year, or else doing the recapping.

All in all I had a great thanksgiving. I hope everyone else did too!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I was going through the closet, putting away summer crap and unfolding winter crap. And I've realized I have a lot of crap. Some of this stuff I've never worn, some of it I rarely wear and some of it I wear over and over again. The big realization hit me...we don't need that many clothes. The bigger realization was that this was just taking up space. Thank goodness I'm an ordinary guy (as opposed to being a celebrity) and nobody really takes note of what I wear or cares for that matter. So I don't really need to have that many different outfits to change in to.

So on my few days off for turkey day, I'm going to purge everything. Everything must go. It just takes up space. It's more stuff to wash. I don't know why I'm hanging on to most of it anyway. I know that I'm sort of a pack rat--but that is mostly with sentimental stuff--things that were birthday, Christmas, and just for being me gifts. But clothes? There is no reason to hang onto these things.

And I know just the place to donate most of this stuff. Someone else will get better use of it. And it will get worn and not just gather moth ball smells.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ouch At The Gym

Today at the gym, three women were talking. From the sound of it, they were all really good friends. As soon as one of the pack left, the other two pulled out their fangs. One of them said something like "she really hasn't lost as much weight as she thinks". The other agreed and said it was not time for her to wear tights yet. They also said something like just because the woman worked out, it didn't give her liberty to still eat fast foods.


Wow. I don't ever remember being with a pack of guys that talked like that. I wonder when I leave if my buddies say things like "he still has a belly". I wonder if they even notice things like this. At least I don't wear tights.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Healthy" Salad Bars

Have you ever noticed that salad bars now how the fixings that can create a 2500 calorie salad? Items like genuine real chopped up bacon bits (my favorite--I usually get a bowl full and then add lettuce leaves as garnish), butter fried croutons drizzled with shaved parmesan cheese, cheese blocks themselves, anchovies, and even the dressings themselves are loaded with calories.

So at times I like to fool myself into thinking that I'm eating healthy by opting for the salad bar, however just ordering a steak and baked potato, minus the bar would have given me less calories than the nine trips I've made creating a "healthy" salad.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

With A Little Help

A few days ago, I did something that I don't ordinarily do. It's not that I don't believe in charity. I give money to charities whenever I can. I sponsor my friends in fund raising marathons/walkathons and other events. But I usually don't give money to those asking for it on the street.

A few days ago, I was passing a man who stood outside his car asking for a few bucks to buy gas. Apparently his car had run out of gas in the middle of a mall parking lot. I noticed that a few other persons ignored this man, not even stopping to let him finish his sentence. As I passed him, he told me that he only needed a dollar or so, just to get enough gas into his tank to get home. I told him that I didn't carry cash and that I was sorry. As I passed his car, I saw a baby carrier in the back seat of his car. There was an infant in it.

I turned around and gave the man some money. I told him to have a good night and to drive home safely. He smiled and said thank you, opened his trunk and searched for a gas container. When I saw that child seat in his car, something inside told me that he wasn't lying, that he had honestly broken down in the parking lot. Maybe it was the fact that he wasn't holding his child outside the car and using the child as a prop to get sympathy. The cool chill in the air may have had something to do with my sudden feeling of compassion. I don't know. And I had already felt bad for lying in the first place (telling him I had no cash).

I hope wherever they are, they had made it home, safe and sound.

If I am not mistaken, I think Lee Ann, had written a similar post to this one about a year ago.