Shaken Not Stirred

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Double Negatives

Aren't there some actions that cancel out one another? The other day, I saw someone working out, and chewing tobacco at the same time. I thought at first he was carrying around a drink. It turned out he was using the cup as a spitoon (sp?--I don't know how to spell this word). Isn't the whole point of working out to get healthy? It's like those guys who go running, only to smoke and drink later (I'm not calling out any of my buddies--but you know who you are).

I've also seen people order a huge meal (large fries, large sandwich) and then order a diet drink. WTF? All that grease and then you are going to save calories on the drink? Yeah, it's a start for many. Personally I don't like soda. This doesn't make me a better person. However it does make me less hyper. Many who know me personally know that every bit of sugar denial helps to keep my energy level in check.

The worse action is those who text and drive. This may be fodder for another blog entry. You are wearing a seat belt (always a good thing), driving the speed limit, but then you play with your phone. Never a good thing to play with the phone and drive. Heck, I'm not good with walking and talking on the phone at the same time. When I do use the phone in the car, it's always with a headset/blue-tooth device.

Anyone else know any double negatives?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Love Changes Everything

Does being in love change everything? Can it actually change the way one looks? Is it a better option than dieting, a make-over or spending hours at the gym?

Recently one of my buddies was passing through town and asked me to meet him for dinner. When he walked into the room, or should I say strutted, I immediately noticed something different. I told him he looked different and asked if he lost weight, got a tan or was wearing his hair different.

Something about him was different and I couldn't put my finger on it. During dinner, his phone rang and he politely excused himself saying he had to take the call. When he came back, he explained that he was sorry, his girlfriend just wanted to make sure he was safe since he had been driving so long.

And there it was. The confidence, the smile, the reason that he wasn't wearing sweats on his long drive home. Someone at home was waiting for him.

And when I realized why his looks had changed, the nerd I met in college suddenly resurfaced. However, the nerd had better skin and a more symmetrical haircut (and he bathed using soap).